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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Marshall, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Got my new catalog the other day have noticed the prices on a lot of stuff went up. A few things went up quite a bit. What a bummer, looks like i will look for other places to shop that offer better prices and discounts. Probably on line sites will be the best places to look because most local stores price the same as bass pro so i have a feeling all our local prices on equipment will go up too.:mad:
  2. I was shocked at a few of the prices myself and had thought the exact same thing, shop elsewhere!!!!!! The cast nets went up about 25 % and there not even made of lead anymore.....


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    Yea its crazy a few reels like the abu garcia revo was 109 now 129. Some crankbaits went up a dollar, fishing line went up especially on bulk spools like 2 bucks just to name a few. You don't have to look too hard to find an item that went up. I hope its just them and not everyone, i have no problem buying elsewhere.
  4. its not just bass pro i think its everything. i went to get a 6 pack of coors light yesterdat and it went up 2 dollars. :mad: :( :confused:
  5. I just came back from Cabala's $250 lighter they had a lot of stuff on sale,plus $10 and $20 off coupons,,really beat BassPro prices bad,,, Basspro is 5 miles from me and Cabala's is 25 miles it is well worth the trip at least for me
  6. i'll be really disappointed if the revo jumps again everywhere...seems when they first came out they were 99.99 then 109.99 and now BPS is sellin em for 129??? It was the greatest reel for 100 bucks i was thinkin about picking up a third...but jumping another 20 bucks thats just ridiculous
  7. Yeah I noticed the prices went up as well. I really like that store, as it is close to me and I can pick up a lot of tackle. However I am starting to buy all my stuff online or anywhere I can get coupons. Granted being a preferred rewards member at BPS gives me a lot of discounts and coupons there, the prices just keep going up. For instance I used to use their IM6 Graphite series rods. They always had them on sale for $19.99 now they are $34.99.

    You would think with the way the economy is/was the prices would have gone down not up.
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    I agree about prices. You had to have an idea that any thing made with the slightest bit of an oil derivitive was going to go up.
    The Solution is to look for knock offs or discount outlet stores. In this issue of the "Bassmaster Insider" online magazine there is an aticles on saving money on fishing stuff. They suggested two online sites. The tackle warehouse and LAND BIG FISH. Both are buying in bulk from the manufacture of name brand companies. LBF had a fall sale on gambler products at $1.89 each. Thats half price ya'll. They are able to save us money by buying end run, over run, and discontinued items at a major discount. I have found that LBF is even a few pennies cheaper than wallmart. They are local and the staff are friendly and they know about what they carry. (ie) The grey ghost rat-l-trap and the same thing from strike king are the same in looks and sound but lucky is a buck cheaper.
    hope this helps everyones wallet.
  9. Yeah the smaller online stores are real helpful in saving money. I have also found if I can buy something in bulk I do (ie hooks, sinkers, line, etc....) I might not need it now, but if its stuff I use a lot I will eventually use it and by buying it in bulk I can save some money on it as well.
  10. Basspro and Cabela's is a rip if ordering. They are better if you go to the store. More deals there and no outrageous shipping.

    Im glad I live so close to Land Big Fish.
  11. I got a new catalog from a Ohio based company and noticed the same thing. First thing i saw was the weed guards for making bass jigs went up over $2 per 100. Found a guy on E-Bay that sells them cheaper and with no sales tax and less shipping. Would like to spend my $ closer to home if I could afford it tho. I have looked at the Bass Pro catalog and dont know if I will get anything from them this year or not.
  12. Shipping has gone through the roof in the last couple years. It's not only Bass Pro and Cabelas. I ordered some blades and hooks from Janns a few days ago. The shipping costs were $8.95. The whole order was about $40. The shipment couldn't weigh more than a pound.
  13. Got an order last week from Cabelas ( gift card ). Only thing in it was 4 packs of 4/0 and 5/0 Mustad jig hook for bass jigs, something thing that was small enough that it would fit in you pants pocket, but NOOOO. It came in a box that was too big to fit in the mailbox and the mailman had to bring it to the door. Inside was the hooks buried under all this shipping paper and wrapped in 20in. of bubble wrap. What the HELL did they think, the hooks were going to break???? No wonder shipping is so much on things.