2009 AOTY race

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Net, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Can I make a small suggestion for next year's OGF Angler Of The Year race? Maybe hold nominations for AOTY and then elect the winner in a separate poll thread. We could place a limit on the # of nominees.

    I'm not unhappy with the way we're doing it now, I just thought it'd be one way to recognize a few more members and let the voters have a menu-like choice of candidates.
  2. Lewis


    Some good thoughts there.
    We will look at that next year.

  3. maybe this contest could be structured by regions
    or fish species
    many great posts are from people that only fish in
    certain places and specific fish
  4. DaleM

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    a lot more goes into AOTY. Granted fishing is part of it but the true sportsman that helps others out, shares information and gives back is what we are after. Not just someone that catches nice fish. We have lots of members that can do that but not all are willing to give back freely and share their knowledge with others.
    Being we just choose one AOTY year regions would not work. Anyone from anywhere in the State or other aeas can be nominated and win.