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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by corndawg, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. corndawg

    corndawg Go Bulldogs!!!

    So what’s everyone doing with your tax reFUN. $1200 per married couple and $300 per kid adds up to $2100 for me. Thank you Mr. Bush. We’re using our reFUN on a trip to Disney World this spring, plus I’m hoping to eeck out a little to get a centerpin reel. Remember, no saving it in the bank or paying bills. Time to boost the economy.
  2. We spent our $1800 that we'll get in June, this past November...:p


  3. reelmanly

    reelmanly Set The HOOK!!!!!!!!

    IT's a toss between HO's and Crack or fishin gear and tourney fees can someone help me please make a decesion LOL
  4. If it was not an election year, this nonsense would not happen. You have a president, I used small caps because of him, who has driven this country into the deepest depths in the history of the world. The worst part is, it is on the backs of the THOUSANDS of families, whose lives have been destroyed, because of death to a loved one. The Democrats, I am one, are pathetic for going along with this. We as a country, have borrowed SOOOO much to fund this insanity, that the US $$$ has plunged to record levels. This is a fishing board, who would ever think in the last 20 years that the US dollar would be worth less than the Canadian dollar. SAD TIME FOR AMERICA.
  5. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Mines going directly to the "vacation account." I have to go to Hawaii next Febuary... I'm trying to tell the old lady the 4 grand we're going to drop to go out there would make an awsome down payment on a boat, but she just isn't buying it:confused:
  6. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    I'll use mine to pay my taxes!
  7. This country is 9 trillion dollars in debt, and increases it by 2.5 billion a day, and we're going to start handing it out?

    That's ludicrous.

    Anyway, I'll probably go to Disneyland.
  8. harle96

    harle96 Draggin Meat

    Hey EZ, How many spoons can one buy with $2,100.00?:D

    I have a daughter that will start college next year, that will definetely help....or put a down payment on a new roof, I guess it will depend how much it leaks.
  9. If you can bass fish like you walleye fish, I'll tag along..............
  10. About 525 of the good ones.
  11. I'm gonna put mine back in the bank. Gotta pay for these gas prices through the summer which we all know are gonna go up again in spring. Between the truck and the boat, I'm really not getting ahead and I'll be lucky just to break even in operating costs this tournament season.

  12. Just like the democrats to blame the Republicans. I would like to know your brilliant idea to get money flowing into the economy "oh wise one", don't belittle someone and expect to not get retaliation. People like you make me throw up in my mouth, you are just an Arm chair president, of course if you or better yet the democrats were running this country we would be better off. Well I guess I can see your point as George Bush was begging for 9/11 to happen, I mean that is how a President wants to start his term isn't it :rolleyes: I am so excited to see the great Democrats you have running for next term, lets see who do we want the man with the Islam background, or the former wife of Bill Lewinsky, I mean Clinton. Well if we watch the debates with those two, we can watch them attack each other and then decide, or maybe we can focus on the items at hand instead of making each other look bad. Thats just what we Republicans want is for you dumb democrats to split the deomcratic votes between them and let the Republican clean up the rest of the votes.

    I mean Bush has had it easy. He has only had: 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, The Current War, the Tsunami's etc, but thats not much to deal with, I mean any democrat could handle that easily. :rolleyes:
  13. Luredaddy:

    I would gladly continue this discussion through pm's as to not take away from the general thread topic. I'm not trying to hi-jack any threads here.
  14. 10.....9........8........7...........6............5............4
  15. Vikingfisher,
    You should reread my post, I obviously blamed the Democrats for this ,as much as the Republicans. You of course realize that your sentiments are the MINORITY's view in this country. You should learn to comprehend what you read, before you show your ignorance. I understand why you want your discussion in a PM format, total ignorance on your part , will not be made public. I hope you read this before it is nuked.
  16. You obviously don't know how to read either. I acted on your negative thoughts on the President, gave my opinion, then gave my opinion on democrats as a whole, and asked you who criticized the President how you would make things better, because you are so very smart.
  17. athensfishin'

    athensfishin' Fighting the Man

    Clearly it's ignorant of anyone to question how things are run or lack there of. Anyways I shall refrain from joining in this conversation further, I'm sure misfit is pleased, Although I think it's very close-minded and arrogant to attack someone because they are Islamic. Pity some people just don't think, Maybe chuck norris knows the answer.
  18. dip

    dip dip

    i'm gonna thank china for the money and send my peeps to disney world! look on the bright side- when hillarious takes over she'll jack the taxes and spend it on social health care and we'll sink another 20 trillion.... i want gubmint to spend my money! yee-haw!
  19. I'm not attacking him because he is Islamic I am merely stating the downsides in the American publics eyes of both dem. runners. I know Republicans have downfalls also, nobody is perfect. You can say what you want, listen to 610am and to some of the people who call in regarding Obama's heritage and tell me we don't live in a majorly close minded Country?
  20. .....3......2.......1.....
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