2008 T.B.X. Classic results

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  1. Phil Carver

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    Team Bass Xtreme hosted our annual classic at Mosquito Lake this past weekend. For many of the qualifiers , it was the fist time to ever fish on the lake. From the feedback that I have recieved, almost everyone agrees that the lake has a great quantity as well as great quality fish. Although not every team weighed in limits each day , the oppertunities were there. Every team was able to share in on the action with heart stopping top water blow ups.

    I would like to congradulate Brian Caudill and Jim Hite on coming out the champions at our first annual classic tournament. These guys must have mechanical arms on them. They always fish hard and earn the fish that they catch. Great Job guys! You definatly deserved the win.

    For complete results please visit the following link. Classic standings
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    Phil, the link doesn't work.

  3. mike you just gotta download the microsoft snapshot to get the link...its free takes about 45 secs. i went up to mosquito with brent for a few days last week, that is a pretty cool lake, i would love to go back in early spring or late fall...i was hoping to catch some pike and walleye also while bassin but didnt...caught some nice cats though. congrats to everyone in the classic
  4. hey phill a day late and a dollar short thats all I will say that lake is unbelievable and I am sure that there is a possible state record swimming around in there but catching it might be a task great fishery