2008 Southern Ohio Walleye Club Schedule

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  1. 2008 S.O.W.C. saugeye/walleye tournaments
    $35 Entry Fee/ 100% Payouts

    April 12 Clendening Lake(marina ramp) 8-4
    May 3 Salt Fork Lake(morning glory) 8-4
    May 17 Piedmont Lake(marina ramp) 8-4
    June 7 Tappan Lake(main ramp) 7-3:30
    June 28 Atwood Lake(main ramp) 7-3:30
    July 12 Seneca Lake(main ramp) 7-3:30
    July 26 Tappan Lake(main ramp) 7-3:30
    Aug.16 Clendening Lake(marina ramp) 7-3:30
    Sept.13 Seneca Lake(main ramp) 7-3:30
    Oct.11+12 Leesville Lake(main ramp) 8-4

    All 2008 tournaments may be fished as open tournaments. To qualify for year end honors, awards, prizes, and invitations to the Cabela's National Team Championship Tournament your best 7 finishes will be counted and you must be a club member. Membership is $20 per member.

    For more information contact Bob-- rktschudy@yahoo.com
  2. Do fish have to be brought back alive for these tourneys? I normally rarely keep any fish, but I don't have a livewell in my boat and would like to fish some of these.

  3. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    i fished this club several years ago and the fish had to be alive or you got penalized.i for get how much weight you got penalized though
  4. Farver is right, there is a dead fish penalty per fish. Some have used the insulated cooler with aerator if there boat didn't have a factory livewell.
    S.O.W.C. next tournament will be at Salt Fork May 3 8am-4pm.
  5. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    how was the clendening tourny.