2008 Shimano Citica 200 or 100?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by timmyv, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I am buying a citica this week and want to know if anyone has had any issues with the 100 model. I like it because of the smaller size but don't want to buy this reel if I'm loosing noticable quality compared to the 200 model. Let me know what you all think.
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    I got one and like it a lot. Its so much smaller than the 200. (The reason i got it). The line spool is smaller but to me that has not been an issue. The new citicas have a larger spool and kept the small size reel. Good reel you will like it. The new 200 citica is 119 bucks and is as small as the old 100. Check it out also.

  3. I should have bought a Citica 200 last time I bought a reel, but I went with a cheaper reel instead. It's good, but not the Citica. I would probably prefer the old Citica 200 because of the size. The new one is about the size of the 100 and with my big hands I think the old 200 is more comfortable (maybe because I'm so used to throwing the Ambassaduer 4600. Pick which one feels best. If you're over by Newark, stop by Bob's Outdoor Supply on Union Street, he can go over all the details about both.
  4. I have A older 200 and 2 100's ,,I never used them to much but I never had any problems,, the were mostly plastic,,,I am sure the new ones will work fine,the 100's I have don't hold a lot of line,compared to the 200's I am sure you have looked at all of that ...the only reason I did not use them ..I started salmon fishing and using heavier tackle