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  1. I didnt get much feed back from my last post, so here is another. Next year i am looking to host about 10-12 opens throughout the summer. And at the end of the season have a championship. But in order to fish the championship you have to fish in at least 4 of the other events. With these opens your not fishing for any points. We all love to fish and we love to fish tournaments. I myself like to run the tournaments. I would like these tournaments to payout $1000+ for first place and payout to 3rd. So any comments or concerns, ideas i need them all from my fellow anglers.
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    How about some basic info.
    Where are you located???
    What will be the bodies of water you will be fishing???

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    Sounds like a bunch of circuits that we already have around here. The only thing the points matter for in them is angler of the year, who typically fishes for free. What would this circuit offer that differentiates it from others?
  4. WIth 10-12 of these events, lower entry fees would be a must!
  5. Too many tourneys, for $1000 first place what field size/entry fee? What lakes to fish? 5 +/- tourney trails in NE OH + 20 bass clubs=no lakes left to fish or bad lakes at bad times. A scheduling nightmare to say the least. Try a few tourneys (6-7) with 4 for a championship, that way you will get more turnout at them. Good luck!