2008 Ohio Catfish Classic Rules

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    2008 Ohio Catfish Classic Rules
    October 4, 2008
    Tappan Lake, Ohio ​

    1. Entry fee for the 2008 Ohio Catfish Classic will be $80 per team, including Big Cat.
    2. Only Blues, Channel, and Flatheads will be weighed.
    3. All State Fishing laws and Boating Regulations must be obeyed.
    4. NO TROT LINES, JUG LINES, LIMB LINES, or DROP LINES. All fish must be caught on a rod and reel.
    5. Pre-fishing a tournament is allowed. All pre-fishing will end at 8:00PM the evening before a tournament.
    6. Any live, dead or artificial bait may be used.
    7. Fishing from the bank is allowed.
    8. All tournaments are “catch and release”. All fish brought the scales will become the property of NEOCATS and will be released back into the water.
    9. Dead fish will not be weighed.
    10. Chumming is not allowed during tournament hours.
    11. A member of each team must be in the weigh in line by 8:30 AM. Teams not in the line by that time will not be allowed to weigh their fish.
    12. A team consists two persons. A third team member is permitted as long as that person is less than 12 years old.
    13. Stringers may be used but it is to be put through the lower lip and will not be run through the gills at any time. Fish must be off the stringer before submitting them to the weigh master
    14. Only 6 fish per team will be weighed. Minimum length for any fish is 15”. Only 2 channels over 28” allowed per team and 2 flatheads over 35”.
    15. Only one (1) Team per boat will be allowed.
    16. All protest brought to the Tournament Director must be in writing within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the weigh–in. The Tournament Director’s rulings will be final.
    17. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed during tournament hours.
    18. Payouts will be 100% on all entry fees. Pays three places. 1st place= 55%; 2nd place= 25%; 3rd place= 10%; Big Cat =10%.
    19. A team must qualify to fish the Ohio State Catfish Classic. Qualification can be done by placing in the top positions in one of the regular season qualifying tournaments through a participating club or organization. If one or more of the top three teams have already qualified, the next team will then be qualified.
    20. No fishing will be permitted within 50’ of another boat or another team that is bank fishing. The first team in place has the right of way.
    21. The 2008 Ohio Catfish Classic will be held in two phases. The first phase is from 8:00AM till 4:00 PM. The second phase is from 8:00PM till 8:00 AM. The break period from 4-8 can be used for anything other than fishing. No one is allowed to fish during this time. There will be a weigh-in after each phase. The total weights from both phases will determine the winners.