2008 OGF Buck of the Year

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    OGF Member RWeyer23 with his winning buck!​

    Ohio Game Fishing congratulates OGF member RWeyer23 for winning our 2008 Buck of the Year contest! Sponsored by Land Big Fish, This is the 3rd year for the contest, in which the contestants are nominated and selected by fellow OGF members for the award. RWeyer23 will recieve a personalized "Buck of the Year" plaque, OGF Gear, and of course bragging rights for the next year.​

    To see the pictures and posts from the contest, click here.​

    On behalf of OGF and Land Big Fish, congrats RWeyer23 on a beautiful buck!​

  2. Lewis


    Congratulations on an awesome Ohio buck and a great story to go with it!

  3. Congratulations,WOW what a buck,I didn't get one this year but deer like this one keeps the blood pumping.Congratulations again.
  4. DaleM

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    Congrats on the nice Buck. Nice to see a brother Fire Fighter come through.
  5. good job there mister next year hopefully you can do the same for me keep them cameras out by your house and find me a big one . i have siad it before but thanks for doing what you did over there so we all can do what we love here. thanks brother
  6. Congratulations Rweyer on a beautiful buck! There were a lot of nice bucks in the contest so winning the Buck of the Year says something about yours.
  7. Ruminator

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    Congratulations RWeyer, that is a beauty. !%
  8. Congratulations ...RWeyer...A super buck...There were a lot of nice bucks taken this year...Your's was No.1.......Jim....:!
  9. Seaturd

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    Helluva deer and story!
  10. A true monster! Congrats.
  11. thats an amazing deer, no doubt about it
  12. Hey ozzie!!!!!!!!!!! Nice deer
  13. damn good looking buck! ....Where did u gt him? Question,..i have a old 7 pin sight,..was wondering,..how the hell do you line this thing up! It is color coded,..buy not by yeards...i se too target shoot,..and havent hunted in years. Going to go out this year,..have a few spots. If u can give me some info,..hook me up! i know u look thru the peep,..and line up a pin,..but whicth one? At what range? i will be shootin bout 20 to 30 yards...
  14. Lundy

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    If you ask you question in the bowhunting forum I'm sure you can get some answers to your questions
  15. ezbite

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    what is it? i have a single pin sighted at 25 yards on my horton.