2008 OGF Angler of the Year

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    2008 OGF Angler of the Year Fishingredhawk

    Ohio Game Fishing congratulates OGF member Fishingredhawk for winning our 2008 Angler of the Year contest! Sponsored by South Shore Marine, This is the 3rd year for the contest, in which the contestants are nominated and selected by fellow OGF members for the award. Fishingredhawk will recieve a personalized "Angler of the Year" plaque, OGF Gear, and of course bragging rights for the next year.​

    In a race that went to the last minute, Fishingredhawk won by a 1 vote margin over Lake Erie fisherman KGoneFishing. It was a dead heat up until voting closed at midnight, with Fishingredhawk coming out at the victor when the polls closed. The votes were counted by 7 individual staff members numerous times to ensure their were no errors, and all hanging/swinging chads have be accounted for.​

    Congratulations Mike on winning a deserving title, and our hats off to Kevin as well for making this an extremely exciting contest to watch.​

    To read the voting results click here.

  2. Perchy101

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    Awesome Job Mike!

  3. ParmaBass

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    Congrats, and enjoy you "Buck of the year" plaque :)
  4. Lewis


    Congratulations Mike!
    I have to give props to Kgonefishing too...what a race!
  5. DaleM

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    Congrats to you Mike. You are one tough guy to fish against. I'll be fishing more this season and hope I can give you a little competition.
    Here's to another great year.
  6. Congrats Mike job well done! Both were deserving!!
  7. ShakeDown

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    We had extras ;) :D

    Congrats Mike!!
  8. OhioHuntr02

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  9. heyjay

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    Congrats Mike. Well deserved.

    Now look how high you've set the bar for 09'. ;) :D
  10. duckman

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    Congrats, I wish you well and see you at the ramp!
  11. Lundy

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    Congratulations to all who received votes

    FishingRedHawk -135
    KGone - 134
    Blue Dolphin - 16
    Fishslim - 13
    Gju42486 - 7
    Sconner - 6
    TIGGER - 4
    TOXIC - 3
    Fishers of Men - 2
    ParmaBass - 2
    H2O mellon - 1
    Thinline - 1
    OPTIMIST Tom - 1
    xl506 - 1
    true2plue - 1
    MARSHALL - 1
    Lskater - 1
    Dan Shuga - 1
    vc1111 - 1
    LureDaddy - 1
    Krustydawg - 1
    Jim Stedke - 1
    Phil Carver - 1
    Sir Isaac Walton - 1
    REEL EYE's - 1
    LittleMiamiJeff - 1
    REEL LADY - 1
    WORKDOG - 1
    MISFIT - 1
  12. Outstanding Redhawk!!!

    Please don't make it that close at my scales, hundredth pound wins makes me have to smile bigger until I make it to the truck :)

    That was a dramatic chain of events...I'm goona miss following the excitement!!!

    Congrats to Kgone as well.
  13. fishingredhawk

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    First off, I want to say thank you to the moderators and owners of this site who are constantly working to bring us this wonderful resource. Without their hard work, ohiogamefishing.com would not exist. I also want to say thank you to all of the site’s sponsors, especially South Shore Marine, for making this site and this award possible. But MOST IMPORTANTLY I want to say thank you to ALL of the members of the Ohio Game Fishing community for their support, and for bestowing the 2008 Angler of the Year honor upon me!

    I am extremely honored to have been chosen for this award. Being chosen by the members – the people who share the same passion for fishing as I do – is what makes this honor so special. I have met so many of you through this website, and I truly appreciate your friendship. All of us have one very important thing in common – our passion for fishing. It is that passion that will allow us to continue to grow the membership of the site and to improve the quality of information and support that already exists here.

    I also want to say congratulations to all of the other members who received recognition from the membership, especially K gonefishin. What a race! It was exciting and competitive from day one, and the fact that so many individuals were recognized proves that there are many highly talented and respected anglers amongst us. Although some may disagree, I believe that the competition associated with this award is a positive. It will drive our members to learn more, share more, and to push themselves harder on the water.

    Bass fishing has become a huge part of my life. Like everyone here, I have gained substantial knowledge about fishing from ohiogamefishing.com, and I plan on continuing to pass along my knowledge and assisting our membership in any way that I can. So feel free to send me a PM or give me a call if you think I may be of assistance to you.

    Thank you OGF,

    Mike Reeves aka fishingredhawk
  14. fishingredhawk

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    Dale, I'm looking forward to the challenge! I heard you used to beat up on the guys at the river on a regular basis :)
  15. Very well said Mike.

  16. Congratulatios FishingRedHawk.:)
  17. Congratulations on Angler of the Year for '08 Fishingredhawk!
  18. crittergitter

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    Congratulations Mike!
  19. Congratulations Mike.... I got to say when you show up I know I am going to have to get busy finding fish.... Its great to fish with such a great guy.... See you at the tournaments soon..

  20. silver shad

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    Congrats Fishingredhawk