2008 Mepps Catalog

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Just wanted to say I got my 2008 Mepps Catalog last night and low and behold, I finally got to see CoolWater's pic of his nice Steelie!!! Congrats to CoolWater for making the front page of the 2008 Catalog.

  2. Got mine in the mail yesterday as well...Congrats CoolWater....

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.
  4. Mine was sitting on the table when I got home yesterday. I pointed out his picture to my wife and said this guy use to live in Port Clinton somewhere. I think it was around Nugents Canal. He's also a member of OGF. But he got a girl friend and moved off someplace towards Cleveland. Don't hear much from him anymore. Congratulations CoolWater... on both accounts!
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    Yep Joe your correct on all accounts. Did live in Port Clinton in Nugent's Canal from Spring 2003 to 12/27/07. Moved to Huron with the fiancee 12/28/07. During the time of getting my house ready to sell and buying this one I was pretty much MIA. As long as I unpack a box or two daily I have regained my internet and fishing priviledges! ;)