2008 Controlled Hunts Are Out!

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by Toxic, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    This is the earliest I have ever seen them. I only got a youth hunt. :mad:
  2. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    plumbrook 11/15 for me

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    My buddy got Plumbrook on Dec 13th. So at least I'm going back this year. It is a great place to hunt. I've harvested 6 deer there out so far.
  4. 3rd year applying and drew a zero this year. I must have been real lucky to get drawn for plumbrook my first time applying. Brother got drawn for Ravenna though.
  5. How do you go about and sign up for hunts like this?
  6. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    NASA is awesome!!!
    Youth hunts are good ;)

    We didn't get sh1t!!!! :(:(
  7. ezbite

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    i applied for skeeters muzzle hunt and ravenna, crappy comp wont open file, guess i will wait till sept to see if i won.
  8. You have to apply through the ODNR website or at the district offices. The process begins on June 1 to July 31st.
  9. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    EZ, mozilla will not open it up for me either . so i used Internet Explorer and it will open then.
  10. Makes fourth year applying and I'm 0 for 4. Did anyone else notice how many people from Parma were drawn?
  11. im 0 for 4 too
    how about the last name miller they where picked in most of the hunt picks
  12. my boy got drawn for killdeer plains should be fun
  13. I wonder if there is not any favoritizm going on. Some whole families will get drawn year after year I've noticed.
  14. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    miller ,no doubt is prolly almost all of amish country!!!!so the name does get a lot of entries. most odf the millers that were drawn live in amish country.
  15. never been drawen myself,just seems like I donate my money every year! does seem like there are alot of amish drawn every year, wonder whats up with that?
  16. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Is that really neccessary? It's bad enough your name makes our web browser have scroll bars but do you really need to use language like that one this forum thats open to familys? I'm no saint, but come on. I feel bad quoting that stuff.
  17. Freyed, if you find yourself without a partner let me know! Ill drive and buy the gas.

    I have a womens ravenna on Oct. 18th I cant use. Will trade for Plubrook or Ravenna, any date. Or maybe an opening monday Magee...
  18. swing and a miss........
    i am 1/5 having been drawn for plumbrook a few years back, taking two does.
    if you are drawn as an alternate for plumbrook they take you on truck ride to the deer congregations.
  19. Yep. Ive been a couple times to plumbrook, being an alternate is the best. Dad and I got 4 does in 30 minutes.
  20. Seen 2 of the biggest bucks of my life in plumbrook. Also found a giant 8 point shed in one of the thickets.