2007 Vermilion Hawgfest Video

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  1. I put two separate stories on WKYC Outdoors that contains most all of the video I shot out there. The first is of the launch, the second is of the weigh in and after-party. Click where it says "PLAY VIDEO" at the bottom of the page.

    I hope you can find yourself in there somewhere. Thanks everyone for your support of this event. It is much appreciated.



    There you go. Now, it's back to the FLW Tour and the "FUN ZONE".
  2. ShakeDown

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    Very very cool! My buddies at work are impressed with how still you keep that cam :D

    Thanks for the love WKYC!

  3. Stretch

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    Those are awesome Carl, thanks for taking them and posting the link.
  4. sporty

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    Very nice Carl!!!
  5. Dixie Chicken

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    Good job Carl,

    After seeing myself in the video I now know what they mean by "TV adds 10 pounds". Wish I had an excuse for the other 50!

  6. haha larry thats great!:)
  7. Hetfieldinn

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    Who's that handsome lad at the beginning of the second video?
  8. Larry I just had coffee come out my nose, "YOUR VEST DON'T FIT EITHER", truly pricless!!!!!!