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2005 spring & summer results?

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by RiverRat, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    So how has everyone faired this year? Whats been your best producing waters, baits, ect.
    Also, what new tackle items did you use this year..likes, dislikes, ect.
    And any purchase plans for 2006?

    Well i'll go first:
    Its been a GREAT year for numbers and avg. size, On total numbers im a good bit over 400 carp this year.
    Ive had commons to 28 lbs. with many over 20 lbs. Also around a dozen Mirror carp this year.
    Best producing waters have been as always, the Scioto R. for big fish and Mirrors....the Ohio R. for unreal numbers per trip and some of the hardest fighting carp ive ever caught.

    Baits, we'll you all know me....CORN is my #1 favor producing bait. Ive fished a little less plain sweetcorn this year and stuck to flavored corn even through the hot summer times(when sweetcorn normally works the best). I have been making my own "corn pips" from field corn and they are working out great.
    I have my normal top producing flavors and have added many more to that list. I again bought a lot of new flavors and have narrowed them down to a solid 5 that will catch no matter what the conditions.

    Right now i take 10-12 different flavored baits with me at all times. Its been interesting how fish from each different waters seem to prefer one flavor more than that works awsome on the Ohio R. will barely get a sniff on the Scioto R. and vise versa...and Ive found it changes from section to section on the Scioto R. too.
    After a long season so far, ive got a good plan together for each spot i fish and know which baits will produce....i need to start a list so i dont

    New things ive tried this year have been :
    *Fox Ultra Bedchair...i geve it 2 thumbs up, very comfortable, light and sturdy.
    *Fox Evo Classic Brolly...again a GREAT open shelter...many guys here in Ohio own them and they are great in all conditions. I bought mine mostly for fishing CAG events that take place in mostly STATE parks...this is LEGAL and it considered a "sunshade"..not a tent.
    *Fox 13' 3.25 TC Warrior rods....AWSOME for long range with heavy method feeders.....i will be getting a pair of the matching Warrior XT's this winter.
    *Korda method feeders....i like them a lot...i use the FOX ones all the time, but the Korda ones come in 3 oz. which i prefer.
    *Korda Skyliner spod......if you spod at all, do yourself a favor and call Pete or Rob up at Specialist Tackle, N.Y. and pick you up has to be seen in person to understand how great it retrieves.
    *Stren Super Braid....i use the 80 lb test version for hooklink material..its AWSOME and its tough.
    * Lots of new flavors from various companys.

    Things to buy over the winter for the 2006 season:
    *Fox Frontier Classic Bivvy..need a "long stay" style shelter.
    *set of Fox 13' 3.25TC Warrior XT rods.
    * stainless pod..probably the Solar Globtrotter or new World Pod?
    *Remote Alarm set..have a good idea what i want, looking into them more before i buy.

    I know a lot of anglers will be putting up the gear at the end of Oct.)some before that) to take up hunting or just dont fish the colder times. I will be putting together a good game plan to fish through out the long as it doesnt get well below ZERO this

    So lets here your details.



    No repiles?....i guess i have to..... :p

    Well, it has been pretty good,not what i was shooting for so far.
    but so far this year i have had a good number of fish (exact numbers
    iam not certin of) but i know i have had 19 carp over 20lb to just und-
    er 27lb.including 2 mirrors of 23lb+ and 21lb+ from 2 seperate waters.
    also a 41lb+ grasser for good measure.iam not ashamed of these
    results,just a little disapointed even though i know its better than
    average for OH inland waters,knowing i could have done better,and
    i hope to do better in the fall.( yes theres pictures of all )

    Baits are pretty plain,fishing Pescaviva on long hairs,
    and short the colder water in conjunction with a fox 2oz
    feeder and method mix.fished over spodded out sweetcorn,wheat,
    seeds,and hemp pellets.

    once that water gets a bit warmer i ussually start useing the
    catapult alot can be found closer in and are eatting heavy.

    but still i spod a good deal with my ussual spod mix but with
    added extras. such as cooked rice,cooked noodles,groats,condensed
    milk and lot more of the sweetcorn,pellets,and wheat!worked great this year!

    New tackle i have tried this year.....

    Well,i was really needing some new alarms and i went with
    the Fox SX.they have preformed great in all situations so far
    and cant say enough about them.

    Also in the bite-indication area..i have been useing Fox illumi-
    nated swingers and hangers,which are just excelent.

    This year i put the ''fully loaded'' Sod Pod to work and i
    just love it.

    I have some new reels iam playing with right now,the
    Shimano Biomaster XS8000's.their a pretty nice reel if you
    ask me,discarded by the 'tarts' asa spod or marker reel only,
    but the fact is that more big carp all through out the old world
    have been had on the Biomaster than any other big pit! and its
    been around for decades (with upgrades and mods of course)

    Only new rod i have this year is a Fox rocket spod rod,which i
    am really happy with as it suits my style of spodding (smaller spods)
    but can go with slightly larger spods at shorter ranges.

    And last but not least,i recently bought a Fox Sky Pod.
    which i haven't used yet,but will this fall.i use to look down on
    this pod,but now after comparing it with all the other mega pods
    this one is the BEST!

    Things to get soon.....

    i need 2 shelters...a long stay and an over nighter. for the longer
    stay iam looking at the Fox Frontieer Classic,and for the short stay
    a Fox Extreme bivvy.but iam not set on anything as there are alot
    of excelent shelters by JRC that are priced good and are good quality.

    I need a bedchair for sure,but i want one that sits low,like the JRC
    models.but may go with the Fox Ultra 3.

    i would like to get a well built low-level chair,something like the Fox
    stalker range.

    i would like to upgrade my luggage a bit,a large quiver,carryall and
    ruck sack.

    And to top it off another set of cheap rods,a set of 3 2.75 and
    3 3.5lbers a matching set would be great. ;)

    thats about it for me. looking forward to fall.

  3. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    LMAO....."No repiles?..."....Dude ya know how it is when i start a thread, only time they reply is when they want to question my catch rates or

    Anyway, GREAT fishing so far man....and i KNOW you have pics. never a question in my mind buddy.

    I see very simular things in our tactics and choices of gear/bait, ect.

    and YES your way above avg. for many fish its unreal more are'nt catching better? but not surprising.

    Glad to se ya like the Fox SX alarms...they are very quality and will do anything ya want or need.Also thier bite indicators are some of the best...always enjoyed thier stuff.
    Sod Pod....very nice piece of kit.....have seen them in person and i liked them a lot.

    SKY POD...geez, dude let me know what your thoughts are on between 2 pods for my next purchase and the sky pod is one of them. I value your opinion and if you say its awesome then i will go with it.

    For bivvys, the Frontier is the "chit"..i cant afford the full blown one, but the classic will be just what i want...if you want a good hook up on it, let me know and i know i can get us a good deal.

    Man sure wish you lived a little closer..we could have a blast targeting some big river carp minds think alike, ya know.

    Heres to a great fall bite for ya man.




    Scott-the Sky pod really is the best of the megas.
    Fox has left all the others in the dark with this pod.
    this talk of the Globetrotter being superior to the Sky
    Pod is complete CRAP!!!.the GT may be made of SS
    but it struggles to match the preformance of the Sky.

    The Sky gets the tips up higher,body extends much further,
    i believe the Sky is lighter(pretty sure),cost less,comes with
    buzz bars(i own the 3 rod kit but have 4 rod BB's as well).
    comes with a very nice bag,(as dose the GT but the SP bag
    is nicer).also the extras for this pod wont cost you $100's .
    (unlike the GT,where you will be in for almost $200 or more
    for just Solar BB's and an extra GT tri-post.)not to mention
    butt caps which go for about $20 each.leave that jazz for
    the Tarts.get the Sky Pod,Scott you won't be disapointed.

    Yeah,the Frontieer Classic looks to be the best
    could also get away with it in the state parks with the front
    panel removed.but its not something you would want to set
    up for a night out,same with the Sky Pod.thats why iam after
    a smaller umbrella style brolly as well.i'll give you shout when
    i decide to order.

    well,iam hoping for the best during the fall.fall can be great and
    its my favorite time to fish,esspecially at night with a nice wind.
    its a great time for BIG fish.

    keep up the catching,Scott.
  5. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    MA......Ya wanna ever compare Fish Ohio or Master Angler awards..give me a shout.
    Stick to the "panfish" aint got what it takes to catch BIG fish so go back to the other areas of the forum.

    Now back to buisness...Sounds good Greg, everyone ive talked to have said the same thing about the SP, ive never seen one in person or know anyone well enough to take thier word for it...i'll put that one at the TOP of my list now...THANKS!
    Yup the GT would run around $500 for everything i would want to set it up right...i can save the difference of a SP and buy a few

    Give me a shout sometime and i'll make a run up your way and we'll hook up for a day or two of carping......just name the day and time to be there.

  6. The Kernel

    The Kernel Banned

    Greg, Scott, whoever..

    Richie and I are talking about getting a competitive 'club' together. Akron area to start with...maybe Firestone mid October...allcomers welcome, top three fish wins, optional cash entry or come to talk tackle. We have some interest....Are you guys interested?
  7. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Heck YEA, I sure would be interested in anything Richie has a hand in..great guy and great angler, much respect for him..always enjoyed fishing bankside with him for sure.

    Not sure where Firestone is......but let me know i'll be up for it....and know a few others that would be too.

    If ya want to post a thread with the details or just PM me with all the goodies i'll see what i can get going with the Columbus guys and we'll head up your way.



    i disscussed this with Richie a few weeks ago.and
    i think its a good idea,but not at Firestone.that lake
    is a joke anymore,rarely a fish 8lb caught and they
    are in really bad shape due to being caught over and
    over and mishandled on the bank.its sad really :(
    however we did talk a bit about haveing one over
    at North Res.great accsess,can be real challange,
    and theres a fair chance for a 20+ or two.
  9. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    When you guys work out the details..drop me a line and i'll round up some guys from around here.

  10. The Kernel

    The Kernel Banned


    The thinking behind Firestone being the first venue is that there is already a group of anglers that regularly fish for carp there who might be interested, it is relatively local to a good number of other carp anglers and some fish will be caught at whatever time of day we fish. We want to attract as many people (and styles) as possible to the idea and then move on to other waters in the future, maybe once a month next year if we can get the numbers.
  11. PAYARA


    I see what you mean.i know 99% of the people
    fishing over there personally.most of them fish
    North more than Firestone.......and prefer North
    over Firestone.
  12. The Kernel

    The Kernel Banned


    So if a group of maybe 10-20 anglerss fish for eight hours at North how many fish do you think would be caught? And at Firestone?..I've not fished at either so I have no clue. Obviousely you'd be guessing but all input is apreciated.
  13. PAYARA


    Well it definatly depends on the conditions.North can fish
    very well late in the year,and ussually dose(for me anyway ;) )
    Night fishing is always most productive anytime of the year
    at North,.but i have had MANY,MANY carp in the day over
    the years.its never been about numbers at North,most fish
    known to be had in a day(in last 30yrs) is 10,by yours truely :D
    but you can be assured they are nice fish.the average size has
    dropped in recent yrs from about 16-20lb to about 12-16 with
    some slightly larger or smaller.however there is still a good head
    of wary 20-28lb+ and the odd 30???(biggest in the last 15yrs is
    30lb and 32lb)there hasent been a 30 in at least 8yrs.28lb has been
    the biggest in recent yrs.20+ grassers are also present

    Firestone is a productive water for numbers.but they run about
    8oz-5lb with a few slightly have the very rare teens
    that pop up every few years.but never a 20!fish can be had yr
    round but it fishes poorly in fall for some reason.still fish can be
    had even with the ice on but the sizes hardly make it worth the
    effort,to me anyway.if Firestones on the list,you might as well
    save yourself some trobble and hold it at Springfield :D.Firestone
    is the same deal minus the weeds.but in a month weeds wont be
    a big issue. :) interesting fact about both lakes,they both contain
    1000's of small carp,and contain massive grass carp which were
    never stocked in them :confused:
  14. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    looking thru the new fox catalogue, i really want a few new stuff they have out.. and the skin for my evo classic is one of them.. i'm trying to find them here soon.. :)
    as far as my catch for summer and spring goes, i have had good times on the bank along with a few fish.. nothing fantastic, but goood for me.. :)
  15. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    whoops.. after re-reading the catalog, i saw that it won't fit the older model of the evo classic.. oh well.. the new evo bivvy X looks killer to me.. :) i'll have to check on that..