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2005 OGF/CAG Fish-In Thread (Ideas?)

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by TimJC, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. TimJC

    TimJC Carp Angler

    While we will be discussing next years schedule at Alum Creek this weekend, I thought we should start a thread as there are 4 open months with 3 locales needing to be set (Northeast & Northwest are already accounted for). So we need a Southwest, Southeast, and a Central location. We then have one additional month to choose any location.

    The following was posted by Shawn (tpet96) in one of the Alum Creek event threads:

  2. TimJC

    TimJC Carp Angler

    My thoughts:

    July: I don't have much of an opinion here. Buckeye was hot and miserable this year with poor fishing (for most of us) and we didn't get nearly the traffic we did last year with it in June. The scorching heat and lack of shelter made this unbearable for most.

    I like Ak's idea of combining with the pig roast (catfishing outing) at eagle creek for the month of July. The fishing in the venue can get hot, but there are always numerous catfish and buffalo caught (which isn't necessarily bad). The creek isn't that susceptible to heavy rain so it remains fishable in the volatile wet weather of late July. That being said, This years event wasn't very fishable. The water levels drop A LOT on Saturday making it hard to fish as 4 feet of muddy bank was left exposed (I think traphunter managed a few fish with these conditions and got muddy but he's the hardest of the hardcore).

    If we decide to go the route of Eagle Creek, then I hope we don't consider it our Southwest outing. As much as I'd like to return to Buckeye in any other month, I think Eagle Creek offers better oppurtunities to expose more people to Carp and the event is always huge (hell you may even get a boat ride).

    August: While I didn't fish the Dillon event this year, it sounded like the fish were crazy. If others want suggest this for next year I certainly won't be opposed to it.

    September: Well... I still need to fish Caesar's Creek, but I think the south pool (around the dam) might be an option this time of year. There is a nice picnic are and an awesome observation deck that would be cool for cookout. There is plenty of bakspace in the area thought some of it might be a walk. There is a huge cove that is rocky on shallow that should draw the fish in. and there are a few areas that offer feeding shelves to fish.

    The location of CC is also near Waynesville (antique shoppers paradise and there is a McD's there (only a couple miles from my proposed spot) for those looking to convince significant others. There is also the CC Flea market that is right at I-71 on SR73 (only a couple miles from my proposed spot).

    October: I think Alum should be the last venue again next year due to the fish size and the central location. So this can count towards the Central regions venue.

    Final Thoughts: I understand that some want to fish Buckeye for some nastalgic value, but July is just not going to work. That would leave August and september as possiblities for Buckeye, but I feel we need to find a good solid venue for the Southwest. I think the southside of CC late in the year is an option. Another option for Southwest that I would agree to is Paint Creek. The Rattlesnake Creek Portion seems to have a lot of bankspace, but I am unsure of the fishing as Ak, Catking, Clayton, and I all fished it for a few hours before a storm in late July 2003 (This was during the week long Eagle Creek event that Ak and I fished before the Pig Roast).

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    At Alum we all discussed venues for next season, to be finalized by Tpet. I believe we came up with East Harbor(April) West Branch (May) Scioto River(Columbus.CAGI event? June) Eagle Creek-Kiser Lake (July) Dillion( August) Buckeye (Sept) & Alum (October). I like all these with one exception. I still am not sure that Eagle Creek would be the way to go in July with a Carp in. I know there is more bank space in near by Ripley, but the fact of the matter is this is the Ohio River, and it is very iffy, especially for long term planning. I still like the State Park's better so I would go with Kiser. Just my opinion.This was a fun year to spend with all you carpers. I made only half of the outings (East Harbor, West Branch, Rocky Fork & Alum) but still these carp outings are the highlight of the year for myself. I would also suggest Cowan Lake in the SW region for a future outing. It has a great camp grounds, plenty of bank space at the lake, and only a 10 hp limit on the boats. It is a quiet and peaceful lake.Something to keep in mind... ~**~
  4. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    lots of carp caught at west branch this year and i still want to do a spring outing for boaters/carpers out their like this past spring with the cook out and fish fry and all i just hope it dosent rain this time but it was a good time and good food.................jim
  5. catking

    catking Banned

    Hey Jim- West Branch is a go for May. Like you mentioned, combine the groups ( carpers, boaters, who ever) into one large outing. This worked last year, and will work again. It's a go for sure !!! Looking forward to it again.... CATKING