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2005 Fishing Outlook

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    Get ready for great fishing in Ohio

    Special to the Tribune Chronicle

    I've said it myself a thousand times. Catching isn't as important as fishing. Any fishing guide will tell you the same thing, although not usually until you've paid him at the end of a slow day on the water.

    Sure, we all want to catch fish when we go fishing. Heck, why would we go, otherwise? But there is a great deal of truth to the claim that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work.
    When I fish I always want to catch something, particularly the original target of my trip. When I'm walleye fishing I want to catch walleye. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy fighting a sheepshead. If I'm fishing a stream for smallmouth bass, I don't growl when a channel cat hits. And if I'm fishing for crappies and the bluegills start biting it does not make me an unhappy angler.

    Let's face it, when we go fishing, we want to catch fish. And the fact is they call it fishing, not catching.

    With that in mind, let's see what the Ohio Division of Wildlife thinks we'll be seeing at some area lakes this season.

    Division fisheries staffers are very upbeat about prospects at Mosquito Lake. They report that there are very good numbers of 15-to-22 inch walleyes available, with most of the better walleye fishing taking place between mid-April and early June. Look for many walleyes to be taken in shallow water, particularly on wave-washed shores.

    According to the division, the outlook for walleye fishing at Mosquito Lake is excellent.

    Staffers also feel there's an excellent outlook for both black crappie and bluegill, and they believe there are good numbers of channel cats, making for a good outlook for this species.

    Unfortunately, the experts are looking at poor fishing for both largemouth bass and white bass.

    Walleye fishing on Pymatuning Lake should be good this season, with excellent numbers of fish from the 2000 class exceeding 17 inches in length. Remember, though, there's a 15-inch minimum on Pymatuning.

    The outlook for crappie, both black and white, is good, but with the panfish species, bluegill fishing is expected to be better than crappie fishing.

    As usual, Pymatuning is expected to offer excellent muskie fishing, with the majority of anglers trolling big baits for these fierce fighters. The outlook for smallmouth bass is listed as good, as is the perch fishing. But largemouth bass anglers can expect just fair fishing this season.

    Although division personnel see pretty good fishing for smallmouth this season at Lake Milton, the outlook for largemouth is only fair. Officials expect bluegill and walleye fishermen to have good success, and when it comes to muskies, they're predicting excellent fishing.

    Anglers fishing Berlin should keep in mind the fact that zebra mussels have been found there, and should treat their boats accordingly when taking them out of the water.

    There's a 15-inch minimum size limit on walleyes at Berlin, but even for smaller walleyes division staffers are looking at just fair results this year. When releasing those undersize walleyes be sure to wet your hands before handling them, or, better yet, leave them in the net while unhooking these kids.

    The outlook here for largemouth bass is considered excellent, but anglers can expect just fair results when fishing for smallmouth. The outlook for black crappies is good, but they're likely to be small, especially compared to the size of the white crappies in the lake. And, while it appears as if there might be more black crappies in Berlin, there'll be better fishing for the larger white crappies.

    According to the division, Berlin is not the best place to head if you want to tie into some feisty bluegills this year. Division experts peg the bluegill fishing at poor this season.

    The outlook for white bass, though, is excellent, with good numbers of fish at around 16 inches expected to be taken by anglers. I'll take all the 16-inch white bass I can find. These fish are great fun on light tackle.

    When it comes to muskies, though, even for experienced anglers who know enough to call the muskellunge the fish of 10,000 casts, the division is predicting just fair success.

    Channel cat fishing on Berlin is expected to be excellent once again this year, with good numbers over 16 inches long.

    A really good lake for sunfish is Mogadore Reservoir over in Portage County. Although it's limited to electric motors, only, this thousand-acre lake has a reputation when it comes to redear sunfish, a close cousin to the bluegill.

    Redears generally run larger than bluegills, and at Mogadore there's nothing at all unusual about a 12-incher.

    Division staffers also predict excellent fishing for brown bullheads, some over 13 inches long. And the same prediction holds for channel cats.

    Anglers seeking largemouths here can expect some success, with the experts on the subject saying the outlook for this species is good.

    Of course, stream fishing in this portion of Ohio is bound to remain good, especially for anglers who are after steelhead in those Lake Erie tributaries.

    All in all, it looks, according to the folks at the wildlife division who get paid for knowing, as if this will be another top season for fishing. And, as I look out my window while writing this, I'm seeing a snow shower, and I'm thinking that I can't wait.

    DON'T FORGET: Sunday is when the Division of Wildlife holds its open houses around the state for everyone interested in getting a look at the hunting regulation proposals for the coming seasons.

    The open houses are being held in the various district offices of the division. The location of the open house for this area is at 912 Portage Lakes Dr., Akron. The hours are from noon till 3 p.m.

    The statewide hearing on the proposed regulations will be held next Thursday at District 1 Headquarters in Columbus (1500 Dublin Rd.) starting at 9 a.m. The Ohio Wildlife Council, taking into consideration comments and questions from the open houses and the statewide hearing, will vote on the proposals at its meeting, April 6.
  2. I always like reading the reports
    then proving them wrong
    (if fishing is rated good I can take it down a notch or two)
    or right (fishing rated poor)
    on many occasions...:D

  3. I once had a calendar that rated each day for fishing. The ratings were good, average and poor. However, the days that were rated poorly I usually caught fish!These are sometimes posted in magazines as well but my advice would be to not look at them. :confused:
  4. If u notice the three day feeding chart is in contrast to the lunar phases and
    time off year. It does to pay too use the table but u got to know when to apply it. Ichose to fish the table as close as i can,weather permiting.
    The table is set up for the time of year because of water temps. Use the table and match the temp of fish u wish too hunt! ;) I like fishin when the moon and sun are up together. If not ill switch to the night bite. jig :cool: