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2005 CAGI Scioto River COSI Columbus, Ohio (Alum Creek as Backup)

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by RiverRat, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. RiverRat

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    Hey Shawn,
    I did not attend the Indy CAGI last year and have yet to go to any CAG event like this. I was reading the "rules" of the we will be drawing for "pegs" at COSI, just like they do for the ATC, CCC & DC events??

    I would like to lend my help to Shawn for this and help as i have a new Reuben Heaton Specimen Hunter Scale(60 lb. capacity x 1oz.) a tri-pod, weigh sling and landing mat that can be used on my end of the venue for anglers "offical" fish weights.I know most guys dont have all the gear and this might help Shawn out instead of him running around to each fish keeps him fishing and enjoying too ya know. I know we have other anglers that have proper nets(yes guys i have one this year to and we all can pitch in on helping those who dont have all the "carp care" stuff.

    Well for anyone that has NOT attended an event like this before like myself, here are the rules as i copied them:Ours is JUNE 25TH , 2005

    1. Introduction & General Concept
    The Carp Anglers Group Invitational (CAGI) was created in 2003 by David Moore, then CAG president. In June of 2003, carp anglers fished in 5 venues and 5 states, catching (and releasing) more than 2500 pounds of carp. This event was a great success and we hope it will only get better over the years.

    The main concept is to have on the same day simultaneous fish-ins in multiple regional venues across North America, all following the same rules. This type of event allows CAG members that could neither attend Austin (the ATC) or Chicago (the CCC) to participate in an “official CAG event”. A handicap system compensates for the different average sizes of carp being caught in the various waters, thus enabling national awards in addition to regional (per venue) awards. Young anglers are especially welcome, and can win Junior awards.

    In addition of being a friendly event with many participants across North America, the CAGI also offers a great opportunity to meet and fish with other anglers from the same region, to invite guests (non CAG members) to participate and learn about our favorite hobby, and to create curiosity and interest about what is happening in the other regions.

    The CAGI is scheduled on the last Saturday of June as a ten (10) hour fish-in. In 2004, this will be June 26th (mark your calendar!). Regional prizes are handed out just after the event. The CAGI official results are published on the Internet in July and the CAGI national prizes are handed out during the CAG annual meeting in Chicago at the end of September.

    2. How to participate
    To participate, you must be either a CAG member or be invited as a guest by a CAG member. CAG members may participate in any regional event, not necessarily the region where he/she resides.

    Starting from June 1st, the CAG member must register himself (and his guests) with the regional organizer (the individual organizing the regional event), using phone, e-mail, or any other means. Registration should occur a couple of weeks before the event; most venues have limited space, and it will greatly simplify the life of the regional organizer to know the number of participants in advance.

    Regional organizers are volunteers (often a CAG state chair, but not necessarily) taking care of the logistics of organizing the regional CAGI event in an appropriate venue. Be nice with them, organizing such an event is a lot of work…

    You can find the list of currently planned CAGI venues and corresponding regional organizers on the CAG Web site in the list of CAG fish-ins scheduled for end of June.
    FISH-INS Listing

    You can also contact the CAGI coordinator (Jerome Moisand), who will be happy to redirect you to the appropriate regional organizer and answer any question you might have about the CAGI. Any CAG director or state chair will also be happy to help.

    To contact Jerome, e-mail is the best way: Jerome Moisand

    A fee of $10 per angler (CAG member or guest) will be requested. The regional organizer will collect the fee the day of the event. CAG members are exempted from the $10 fee if they come with one guest or more (but guests have to pay their own fee). CAG members can come with up to two guests.

    3. Regional awards

    Regional awards are based on weights of carp captured in a given regional event.

    Winners are determined right after the end of the event, and regional prizes are handed out. It is recommended that a social event of some sort (e.g. dinner, picnic, etc) would accompany the “award ceremony”.

    If a guest (non CAG member) wins one of the regional awards, he/she will receive a free one-year CAG membership.

    3.1. Regional “Total Weight” award
    This award goes to the angler with the highest total weight of carp in the regional event.

    Tiebreakers: largest carp, next largest, etc. If tie persists, time of capture of the largest carp (earliest wins).

    3.2. Regional “Top 4” award
    This award goes to the angler with the highest total weight of the four (4) biggest carp in the regional event.

    Tiebreakers: largest carp, next largest, etc. If tie persists, time of capture of the largest carp (earliest wins).

    3.3. Regional “Big Fish” award
    This award goes to the angler with the largest carp in the regional event.

    Tiebreakers: next largest carp, etc. If tie persists, time of capture of the largest carp (earliest wins).

    4. National awards

    National awards are based on the combined results of all regional events, using a handicap system to create a reasonable fairness between venues (not all waters have 30 or 40 pounders ready to be caught!). Special categories are defined for juniors (18 years or less), but they are eligible to all awards. National awards are reserved for CAG members. Guests are not eligible for national awards.

    Winners are determined by the CAGI coordinator after tallying the results of all regional events. National results will be published on the Internet (and communicated to regional organizers and state chairs) as soon as possible in July.

    A “CAGI national awards ceremony” will occur during the annual CAG meeting in Chicago, a day before the Chicago Carp Classic (CCC). CAGI winners are kindly invited to come to Chicago, but if they can’t come, we’ll make sure they receive their prizes. CCC organizers gracefully agreed to offer a free participation to the CCC for CAGI national winners.

    4.1. Handicap system
    To qualify for national awards, a regional venue must fulfill two criteria:
    • At least 8 anglers must have participated
    • More carp than anglers must have been caught

    If a venue qualifies, the venue handicap (VH) is calculated as:

    VH = Nation-wide average weight per angler / Venue average weight per angler

    Based on such venue handicap, adjusted weights are then calculated as:

    Adjusted weight = Actual weight * Venue Handicap

    4.2. National “Total Weight” award – Junior and Senior
    The award goes to the angler with the highest adjusted total weight of carp, across all venues.

    Tiebreakers: largest carp (adjusted weight), next largest, etc. If tie persists, joint winners.

    4.3. National “Top 4” award – Junior and Senior
    The award goes to the angler with the highest adjusted total weight of the four (4) biggest carp, across all venues.

    Tiebreakers: largest carp (adjusted weight), next largest, etc. If tie persists, joint winners.

    4.4. National “Big Fish” award – Junior and Senior
    The award goes to the angler with the largest carp (adjusted weight) across all venues.

    Tiebreakers: next largest carp (adjusted weight), etc. If tie persists, joint winners.

    4.5. National “Wacky picture” award
    The award goes to the angler having submitted the wackiest picture. The picture may or may not include a fish, but has to include the angler. A panel of judges (e.g. CAGI organizers) will assess the “wackiness” of all submitted pictures, and will vote.

    Pictures must stay in the realm of decency to be selected. Pictures must be sent to the CAGI coordinator by e-mail no later than July 14th.

    Tiebreakers: vote again. And again. Until we get a clear winner!

    5. Logistics & Schedule

    The fish-in itself will last 10 hours. The typical schedule will be the following (this may be changed by the regional organizer, so ask to be sure!):
    • Participants gather around 6AM; take some time to explore the venue
    • Participants fees are collected by the regional organizer
    • Participants scales are checked, and a group photo is taken around 6:30AM
    - Not everybody needs to bring a precise scale, one for 2 or 3 anglers is usually enough
    • The peg draw occurs around 7AM; empty scorecards are distributed
    - CAG members draw a peg first, before guests.
    - CAG members may pre-empt the peg on their right side or left side for one of their guests, if the peg has not been drawn yet.
    - Then remaining guests draw their peg
    • Once the peg is known, participants can go there right away and start doing plumbing or pre-baiting
    • Fish-in from 8AM to 6PM (local time)
    - From 8AM to 10AM, participants have to stay in their peg
    - Starting from 10AM, participants are allowed to move to another (non occupied) peg, or to a swim where they don’t interfere with other anglers
    - A participant has to stay at shouting distance from another participant
    • Participants gather around 6:15PM to submit their scorecard, and for a 2nd group picture.
    • Regional awards ceremony, preferably combined with a social event of some sort
    • On Sunday, some regional organizers have an informal fish-in (same venue or different venue) as an extra-activity for CAGI participants. Check on it!

    6. More rules…

    Regional organizers will be the judges if a participant breaks a rule. If this happens, the participant is disqualified for regional and national awards, and we’ll let the regional organizer decide of the tree where the offender will be hung -- just kidding!

    Every participant must follow the following set of rules:
    • Two rods per angler
    • One hook per line, no double or treble hook
    • Foul hooked fish will not count
    - Hook needs to be within one inch from the mouth area
    • Fish may be sacked if strictly necessary (try not to sack more than one carp at a time)
    • The carp has to be weighed by a witness, and related information reported on the scorecard. Neighbor participant or stewards (e.g. regional organizer or helper) can act as witness.
    • Only Cyprinus Carpio counts (common, mirror, leather, koi). Catching buffalo carp, crucian carp, old tires, dirty shoes, birds, dogs or other anglers does NOT count.
    • Smartcast, plumbing, bait boats and any fancy equipment or baiting method is allowed.
    • Fishing has to be performed from shore, not from boats or any other floatation device. Wading in the water is ok, but not swimming nor sinking!
    • Participants should not interfere with each other. A good guideline is to restrict yourself to half way to the next peg or the opposing peg.
    • A fish hooked before the end of the fish-in session will be given 15 additional minutes to be landed.
    • Please practice catch and release, and put back to the water an unharmed fish. Tires, shoes, etc do not have to be released.
    • Please leave the peg/swim as clean (or cleaner) as you found it. No litter.

    7. A few last recommendations

    Regional organizers (and helpers) are encouraged to pre-bait the week before the event. It is kindly requested that no participant fishes the venue during the week before the event, unless agreed upon with the regional organizer.

    Participants and regional organizer(s) should take as many pictures as possible, and send them by e-mail to the CAGI coordinator. Great stories should be documented, either by posting the story on the CAG Forum, or by writing an article for the NACA.

    Overall, do not take things too seriously. Have fun, enjoy the event, socialize, etc.

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  2. Miso_Ohio

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    Scott so sorry, I am sure Shawn will be getting to work on this soon, we have all been busy lately with the CAG booth at the sports show and also setting up the BW3 get together which will be happening soon March 5 so mark your calender should be a good time. I am sure he will be getting on finalizing the CAGI as soon as he possible can. We don't want to post half truths on anything, we want to make sure all arrangements are set in stone first.

  3. tpet96

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    Time my friend........Rome wasn't created overnight ;)
  4. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Shawn, i was only wondering because if it starts at 6:00am, im going to have to take off of work at 5:00am to make the peg drawing..thats all.No big deal if so...just was wondering if the rules above applied.

  5. tpet96

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    Yes.....we will follow the above rules. There will be a couple of changes, but everyone will have plenty of advance notice if that happens. As for the times, they are firm. For anglers who cannot make it BEFORE the peg draw at 7:00 AM.......The peg draw will start precisely at 7:00AM. If you are not checked in / Registered by that time, you can still register but will get the left over pegs.....which will NOT include any bridge pegs or end pegs. :)
  6. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned


    "which will NOT include any bridge pegs or end pegs" your not implying that i cant hold my own with spots not already pre chummed are ya? If so AK also prechummed and im not even sure he caught a fish...?

    Sure cant wait to get this event year started, ive reworked my sced. and will be attending all but 2 events this year(SW & loss there) will be receiving 2 CAG memberships very soon, they will also be signing up for the CAGI too, should make for some fun competition this!!
    C Ya on the bank soon,

    Hey the guys who attend the ATC get a money pot together every year(non CAG approved), any problems with us doing that for the ohio CAGI...or any of the other events, of course amoung friends just for fun.
  7. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Have to wait and see what the rules of COSI are regarding money. :)

    I wasn't implying on the chumming......but historically......end pegs and bridge pegs are always hot. We will leave numbers out of the drawing in the center of the group for those that are not registered before 7:00AM.