2005 bowtec tomcat bow

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by bigtimebowhunter, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. i have a compound bow for sale it has 3 pin fiber opyic sites, whisker biscut , quiver, d loop, limb savers and string silencers. Its set at 65#s, and 28 inch draw, nice bow i started shooting tournament and bought a new matthews. The first $200 buys it has a wrist strap also. Akron area 330-814-3053
  2. Nathan nothing wrong with bow I just wanted a new bow my computer is broke right now im using my parents with no camera card slot, if u have a camera phone i could send a picture or i live in doylestown bout ten minutes from akron had a guy call this morning wanting to come sunday and look at it. Joe