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2004 in Review

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Well, it's been a HECK of a year! With LOTS of help, we've gotten OGF off the ground and rockin'...THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!

    On a more personal note, I'd like to thank those who have helped me become a better fisherman, those who have allowed me the pleasure of sharing the ice, their boat, or my boat, in tournaments or just in fun, the old friends I've known and the new friends I'm meeting every day I fish.

    Sorry, but I'm going to toot my own horn ;) ....It's been a GREAT year for me, not only with Team OGF, but in the Summit Sportsmans Assocciation as well. Not only did I win the "ANGLER OF THE YEAR" award this year, I just found out tonight that I was voted "SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR" by the members of the club.

    Joining and being ACTIVE in local outdoor clubs can really improve your skills as a fisherman or hunter. You can take the great info you see here on OGF and put it into practice and bounce your ideas off other fishermen and hunters. Plus, it's just plain old fun.

    As this year comes to an end, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you. This is a great place with valuable information that can improve your fishing. Just like a lot of you guys have helped me out, I'm here too, to help others improve their outdoor experiences.

    Looking forward to an AWESOME 2005. Thanks again!
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Congratulations on those awards Big Daddy O !!! Quite a feat :) You are correct, tis has been quite a year, and 2005 looks even bigger. Thanks to all who have made this year special !!! THE CATKING !!!