20 More days of school!

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    Well, looks like we might get 20 more days of school out of our governor. He didn't actually say how schools were going to pay for it with the added transportation costs, cooling costs, renogotiated staff and teacher contracts, etc. Looks like a ploy to make our schools look better without actually making a bit of difference. I believe it was stated that adding 20 days would bring us up to the international average for school days. I am a teacher and will tell you there are countless things wrong with our education system here in Ohio, but number of days isn't one of them.

    So, what do you guys think of this plan?

  2. One of my best friends is a teacher and it kills me every summer to know he's out fishing while I'm stuck @ work. Plus 20 less days of child care for the rugrats. I am all for it!!!

    Actually I heard it would have a huge impact on anyone or any business that relies on summer income. You have teachers that may pick up additional income in the summer, High school students with summer jobs, the assumement parks.. etc, etc. So in these economic times I can't see making it through.

    I agree with Lg_mouth the numerous problems with our education system are not the number of school days.

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    As a teacher myself I must admit there are many problems with the Gov new education Plan...

    Since the "20 days" is the topic here I'll try and stick to that part.

    1st of all as teachers we are paid a per-deim rate per day worked. Those who think teachers are paid for their summers off are sadly mistaken. We are paid for days worked just like everyone else, our paychecks are divided over 12 months but we are only truly paid for 9.

    With the gov new 20 days that would be an 11% increase in my work year and thus an 11% increase in my yearly wage… At my district that would be just shy of a $4,000 dollar a year increase per year. In a small 200 teacher district, like line, that’s $800,000 a year, When districts are barely scraping by where does this money come from?

    How much learning takes place in older buildings when the classroom temps are 90deg?
    How about sports? I coach Football when do 2-a-days start June?
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    i hope not lol. Im still in school. I will be a senior next year. when will this take effect.
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    I was hoping to hear some teachers opinions on this subject. The schools seem to be pushing the kids a whole lot harder then when i was in school. The math my 6th grader is learning is what we did in high school.
  6. If I read it correctly, the "added days" would be phased in over a period of time, not all at once.

    My wife is a teacher. She hates this idea..."I chose my profession for a reason...laying in the sun by the pool in the summer while you are at work.."

    His plan also provides funding for everyday, all day kindergarten. I want my money back...I'm paying $150 a month right now.
  7. I have a different view on it as a custodian I can tell you that 20 less days in the summer to prepare the school sucks. And what you don't get done this year snowballs into the next. As for the cost of holding school another 20 days..... well how many levees failed before the economy tanked try and get more money from the taxpayers now. Teddy the Gov. had medeled enough with education.
  8. I don't think the 20 extra days ill fly, due to the cost, and I also don't like requiring community service. Encourage yes, require no. I do like eliminating the OGT -- schools are so obsessed with teaching to the test they waste days, if not weeks, practicing or otherwise getting ready for tests that set an amazingly low standard for accomplishment. I'm not a "real" teacher, only a sub, but I see a lot of high school students with really low levels of math an English proficiency, let alone almost no knowledge of history and government.
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    It has to really suck sometimes being a mayor, governor or president. No matter what they do it rubs someone the wrong way always everytime. If I was a leader i'd say to hell with it all let 'em do what they want I'm going fishin'...and I'd never come back!!!
    Never been a leader, never want to be, God Bless those that do they need all the help they can get!!
  10. At least there is finally a proposal on the table to work from. The next few months hould be interesting.
  11. CDL


    I agree with most everyone on here. Adding days isn't going to help anything or anybody. I do think something needs to be done. I think it's outrageous that the USA ranks something like 20th internationally on the education scale while we spend the most per capita.
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    The OGT has to go. I spend 2 periods a day teaching directly to this test and the other 6 teaching indirectly to it. I am spending the next month teaching nothing but the OGT to students who haven't passed it all the while the students that have are getting ignored (not that they mind!).

    I like the ACT, it is actually easier in my opinion than the OGT. The other requirements don't seem too far outside of the box. I like the fact that it gives us teachers a little room to actually teach.

  13. Don't fall into this trap created by the media and school systems begging for more money...

    When you compare the students in the USA to those of other countries, keep in mind that in places like India, China, etc. etc....the below average students do not get to go to school...they get put to work making your Nike sweatshirt...while the "rich" or "gifted" students do get to go to school...and we use ALL of our students in the studies...the good, the bad, and the in-between....so of course the data is skewed, but far too many are gullible enough to believe what is being fed to them.

    BTW...if our schools suck so much, why do so many come here for college, med school, etc. etc.???

    See my point....

    Quit listening to people who want funding or have other agendas who constantly force this drivel upon us.

    IMO...the schools here are fine...and were fine...up until the point at which folks started listening to those mentioned above...and then eventually believing them. Now we have teachers who spend 1/2 of their time teaching to some test....

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    please cite your sources!!!
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    Well Said BFC

  16. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!


    It appears we may be the few on this subject. I wonder who they called? Half of those probably gave very little thought to the impact of the extension of a school year and have no idea what the OGT is.

  17. Since you opened the door!

    Lets do some math, take your W-2, take the total from box 18 (local wages)
    Please tell me your total hours worked in that year, not including coaching?
    Now divide box 18 by hours worked, what do you get? (wage per hour worked).
    Now add 20 days at 7 hours per day (140), add that to your hours worked in a year. Now redivide, now what would your wage per hour be?
    Something tells me most people would love to make that much per hour and don't forget you have every holiday off, every weekend, no afternoon or midnight shift to work, you work inside with heat and in some cases A/C.

    Don't get me wrong I think teachers are a great asset to the world but with everything happening in this country it should be the teachers going to the Governor saying we'll do this with little or no raise!
    The days are gone of a factory worker getting $50.00 an hour so be glad you make what you make I know I'm very glad to have a job and make the money I do and get to help people.

    I think everyone is jumping the gun here (including Gov.) why not just add a day on each end, than in 10 school years we'll be their and nobody will be effected all at once. They could even cut back on some of the other breaks and they would still get out at the same time. School is important and from what I remember I sure could have used a lot more.
    I not looking to offend anyone but lets not let this get out of hand, I would hate to have to compare the wages of military, police, fire or a sewer worker to anyone else's.

    Now go thank a Vet, School Teacher, Cop or Fireman for what they do!!
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    Being an alumni from my high school for almost 3 years now, I have some input on the situation...

    Im in the Northeastern Local School District In Clark Co.... I graduated in '06 and I was the last year of students to get through school without having the effect of the OGT in place... but that doesnt mean we didnt take the practice tests or have pins and needles under us as the guinea pigs for the trial test... It was a crock then and it is now... too much time is spent on trying to teach "how to pass" these tests when it could be spent on actual teaching... Im with lg_mouth on this one, stick with the ACT, SAT, and class exams... 3/4 of all graduates can't read/write above an 8th grade level, let alone do simple mathematics without the help of a calculator...at least thats how it is out here

    And all the this talk about the extra 20 days of school... IMHO its not going to fly with taxpayers... too many problems with the economy for people to be paying out for more schooling let alone all the levies that have been put up and passed for new schools and improvements on schools... My district has promised walls in the school, not petition walls for almost 20 years to taxpayers and they still arent up... but levies still get passed... people just see that there is a school levy and automatically just assume that its for the good and thats not saying that all are bad, its just do some research first... Springfield has its own dilemma right now seeing how they combined 2 schools into one and built a whole new campus for the elementary, middle school, and high school.... and now have levies up again asking for more money...

    I just think that with how everything is right now financially with the people... not too many things are going to happen right yet

    Great post FireMurph... I believe, in the local school newsletter that is sent out quarterly in my area, they are aiming to filter the extra days in throughout the year (if it happens) by cutting back on holiday vacation (winter break, etc...) teacher inservice days, and spring break... but you are 100% right... everyone is jumping the gun right now
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    According to this site the average yearly wage for a teacher is 48,692 per year. Seems criminal to me for some one with a masters degree to make this little money.
  20. CDL