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May 11th.Trip: I picked up my grandson around 09:00, then we headed to get his minnow trap. It was loaded with large creek chubs that we used for bait.

We had our lines in the water around 10:30 at the lake. My grandson missed 2 small L.M.Bass in the thick moss! Then he landed his big L.M. Bass of the day at 11:30. The fish was 18 inches and weighed 3.1 pounds. He was getting all his bites on the live creek chubs that we got from his trap.

I got my first bite and missed it at 11:20, by then my grandson had landed two more small Bass. 11:35 he caught a 1 pound Bass. 12:00 he hooked a small turtle! I finally caught a fish at 12:55. It was an 18 inch Channel Cat, could not get scale to work so not sure what it weighed. I hooked it on a dead creek chub on a bobber rig about 4 ft deep.

13:45 we called it a day, my grandson had about 14 bass to my 1 catfish. He also had the biggest fish of the day. All the fish were caught on creek chubs. We did learn there are catfish in that lake for sure. Next time we go there we will try the deeper area of the lake, and try to stay away from thick moss. This was another good trip for us, looking forward to going back in a couple weeks.

May 21st.

After the game my teammate invited us to go fish in his farm lake to clear out some Bluegills. We got our lines in the water around 12:35. The creek chubs really did not work very well at the lake. We only had few worms and corn as back up baits. There was another fisherman there that was using red worms and he had a nice load of fish in his basket. It had a number of Bluegills a couple keeper L.M.Bass.

I tried for catfish with the creek chubs with a dead line rig. I never even got a taps the whole time. Had a bobber rig for the Bluegills, did catch 2 of them for the day. They were not very aggressive when they did bite. They just seemed to nibble the corn and the worms of the hook.

My grandson had much better luck with the corn for he landed 11 nice Bluegills and 8 inch L.M.Bass. The bass was returned to the lake to grow some more. We packed it in around 15:00 and headed back home. Next time we go there we will HAVE read worms or night crawlers, maybe some wax worms as well. I am certain it will increase the number of fish we catch.

It was a long day for the both of us, but an enjoyable time, I crashed in the recliner after a nice shower. Next Thing I knew it was 8 p.m.; so had to get some dinner.
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