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9-15: My brother and I fished from the bank, four rods in the river. Preface day sunny and mild little current. We fished for 3 hours, had fresh skipjack and other baits, my brother had a light tap that was it!

918: Went out in my boat with my grandson on the Ohio River. At 08:00 on the water headed down river. Found deep water and marked a number of fish at 08:20. We fished for about 25 minutes: no bites some move further down river. The 2nd -4th spots were the same thing, no bites. 10:30 decided to head way up river to where I had action on the 12th. Sad to say we spent an hour there still NO action.

I had wanted for my grandson to get some catfish so he would be hooked about catfishing on the river. Packed it in at 12:30 and headed back down river to the ramp. We will get out again in the boat in the weeks ahead. It was good to be able to spend time together and he was a real help handing the boat at the ramp.

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