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November 4th. I picked up my brother at 09:15 and headed to the river. The clouds rolled in and the upriver wind was cooling thing off, there was some current. 09:40 my brother was getting taps on his 2 rods none on my rods. The fish were pecking away on his strawberry seasoned chicken breast. I got a tap at 10:15 on a strip of beef. My brother kept on getting taps but no hard bites.

I was checking my line to re-bait when I noticed my line was heading up stream again the current, reeled up the slack and felt the fish. I had to use the dip net to get it onto the dock did not want to take the chance of braking the line. The Channel cat was 23 inches and weighed in at 6 pounds. I tried to take a photo of it but the batteries in my camera did not turn it on!

The weather turned much colder no sun at all. We were only getting a few more taps the rest of the time, so packed it in at 13:00.I felt good to get some warmth in the car as we headed home.

November 5th. I had to drive around for the ramp on the west side of Cincinnati was close for the rest of the year. I doubled back to see that the Public Landing road was now opened and finally got my boat ready to launch. The thick fog was starting to clear off at last, headed my boat down river at 11:10.

Tried to net some shad for bait at the creek none showed up on the fish finder! I headed back out to the deep water and marked a few fish so I anchored up at 11:30. The current held the boat just as I wanted, slight ripple on the water and plenty of sun. I spent two hour there and another spot a little further down river. Not 1 tap during that time, tried all my different back up baits. No action so I headed back up river to my favorite spot.

I had my poles in the water at 13:45 at the third spot. I had my boat set up exactly as I wanted. 14:10 I got a light tape on chicken liver. Put new bait on and again taps that cleaned off the bait. The third time I was holding the rod when it was tapped, just then my bobber rod got hammered. I grabbed the rod and pulled back MISSED the fish; it had cleaned off the seasoned chickened breast.

No more action so I called it a day and headed back to the ramp. I did not notice a large cabin cruiser coming up the river as I was trying to line up my boat at ramp. I had just pulled the boat in, when the huge waves from the cabin cruiser push the boat sideways out of the water. No manual effort on my part could budge the boat. I finally had to take my trailer and push the boat back into deep water. I was finally able to get the boat on the trailer and rest a little from my efforts. It was a very strange trip from the very start to end, and I was beat when I did get home.
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