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2 stroke main with 4 stroke kicker????

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by exexec, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. I have a 2 stroke main motor and just bought a four stroke kicker. In order to use the four stroke I need to add another gas tank with gas only, main tank is a mix. Would you add the tank or seel the four stroke for a two stroke and run it off the main? ( I got a really great deal on the four stroke figured I could trade it for a two stroke if I didnt like it)
  2. It is a bit of a pain to have the two separate fuel requirements. I know, as I have had a four stroke main and a two stroke kicker. I'm going to put my 9.9 kicker up for sale as soon as I can take some pictures and look for a four stroke kicker. I'll have the kicker rigged with it's own key start and remote throttle plus steering. The unit I saw also has power tilt. Should make for a great trolling system.

  3. I also gotta concur with Shortdrift. As Murphy's Law states whatever can go wrong will.
    When it comes to me I consider Murphy an optimist. Since 4-strokes cost more you should come out on top by selling 4 -stroke. I never like trading in because somehow whatever I got is always worth WAY less then what I want. Funny how that works.
  4. Another option might be to re-enable/install any VRO your motor might have/had. That would allow you to run straight gas in your tank to both motors. I have a 2-stroke main motor with oil injection and plan on buying a matching 4 stroke kicker motor with the remote controls this spring once I finish up my boat refurb project.
  5. Hey Shortdrift,

    I have the same set-up as you (4 str main & 2 str kicker) and I would also like to convert both motors to 4 str. Just curious, but not including the cost of any motor exchange, do you have a budget number for the addition of remote elec start/throttle/trim? I have never priced any of that, and am wondering what kind of cost is involved?