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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Fishaholic69, Nov 6, 2008.

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    went fishing today and water was still low and clear. I tried out that white bunny leech and actually had a nice size bass grab it but when it jumped out of the water it threw the hook. I fished with it some more and got nothing. I then switched to a black bunny leech and got nothing. I tried a black peacock bodied bugger but ended up losing it but I am glad I lost it because after that I tied on my steelhead clouser I tied up and I was casting to the deep holes and a huge steelie grabbed my clouser. an hour later I got another steel in just about the same spot that was of nice size also! both put up good fights. heres a few pix! I had fun. hopefully the rain will bring in more steel.
  2. glad to hear ya had a good day, some nice fish, and got them on the fly you tied.

  3. ryosapien

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    wow those are some dark ones that one on top looks pretty long did you measure him?
  4. Fishaholic69

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    I didn't measure him sorry I say he was 20 inches or maybe 22 at most. I have caught a 29 inch one last year and it was bigger for sure. I know he was the biggest I got so far out of the 3 this season tho. he fought pretty hard too. he was running and jumping all over. I should of measured him but was trying to get a quick pic and my camera was on the wrong setting from that bunny leech i posted last night and I keot gettung blurry pix so I hurried and put him back once I got that pic. then after I let um go I realized it as the wrong cam setting. I C&R always so I try to get um back in the water asap and hold um till they swim away. anthol I have gotten all my steelies on clousers except the one the other day! they like the olive/pink/white steelhead minnow today but I have them in all colors. give um a swing and strip pause retrieve and hold on!
  5. Fishaholic69

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    couple guys on another forum say the bottom one is a coho salmon but I didn't notice anything i thought it was just a hen steelie? I looked it up and it kinda looks like one. notice the blackspots only on the top and top of the tail but not the whole tail? I didn't see a black mouth just white gums. but I didn't look that close. I just popped out the clouser and sent her back on her way.
  6. the bottom one does look like a very drab hen coho? that is off the wall wierd. I would say it is though, right time of the fall. really neat catch.
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    When I first saw the second pic I was thinking salmon also. Good job!
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    Sweet fish man. What a nice suprise fishing for steelies and hook into and land a salmon. Good work thats a great catch
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    guess I got lucky! funny thing too. while I was getting my waders on i was reading that steelhead sign that says any steelhead or salmon 12 inches or less must be released and was like how crazy would it be to catch a salmon! then I guess I did! haha.. weird! I will keep a eye out from now and try to identify my catches. I didn't even think there were any around. I have heard of it happening but it seems to be on rare occasions?
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    I forgot I took a few more pix of that coho salmon. now that I look at these I think it really is one! [​IMG]

  11. Nice fish!!! How about a picture of that clouser!!!
  12. Nice Fish, going out tomorrow morning. Still haven't caught my 1st Steelie yet. hoping to break the streak soon!
  13. Fishaholic69

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    I am now getting conflicting reports on if its a coho or steel but whatever it is it was sure fun to catch! it is now safely back in the river on its way running up it. we got a decent rain today and suppose to get some more in a few days. hmmm. I thought I already posted the clouser pattern on here? maybe not? here ya go.