2 Ohio PB's at congress lake

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  1. fished congress lake tonight. I caught the biggest bass i have caught in ohio at 7-1 lbs, and later i threw a crappie rig in and caught the biggest crappie i have ever caught at 2-9 lbs and 17 inches. sorry i have no pics, i only had my cell phone and im not sure how to get them on the computer.

    There is definitely some big fish in Congress, This is the 2nd 7 lb bass i have caught out there. I have also caught a few 30+ inch Pike. Its definitely a lake you should try to fish in the spring if you can get access.
  2. Great catches. Do you mean Mogadore, the Congress Lake Rd part, or the real thing.....at the country club?

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    Sounds like the Country club to me. There are definately some huge fish in there of all species! I had a friend growing up and his family were members there. We caught many BIG Bass and Crappie out of there.
  4. yeah the country club, my dad is a member there so i still have access to the lake
  5. You can post pics from your phone; I do it all the time. Send a text message containing the pic to your e-mail address, and upload from there. 7-1 is a monster, love to see it!
  6. I fish there a lot, it is an awsome lake. My buddy and his friend caught a 17.in 3lb crappie there the other night
  7. is your buddy shane wagler? just wondering cause i haven't seen many other people out there except for us.
  8. Yeah! You were the one in the picture?
  9. I was the one he called and asked what the heck to do with it
  10. lol yeah i was probably the one in the picture, i didn't think to many other people were catching 3lb crappie out there this week!
  11. i assume he called you tonight about the 5-4 he caught out there
  12. He sure did and told me about the snapping turtle he had to steal it from