2 Fools on Alum...

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  1. Perchy101

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    And I was one of them...

    We went North to Howard RD and was going to give it a shot....

    Did some pre walking on the ice and it was cracking like crazy... Drilled a hole or two and found 2-3" of ice....

    Thought it was decent so we headed to the cove.... Gear on and loaded we walked over there.... Once we got to the cove and drilled some more holes found about 2" of ice.. Maybe a little more... Talked it over....

    And said we'd love to live to fish another day...

    Went home and fried up some fresh gills that we caught over the weekend.
  2. I when to alum on monday to the beach down by the dam. The Ice was very soft and I didn't fish it. I whish the weather would let me get a day or two out there

  3. Better safe than sorry, i think you done the right thing !!
    Heck i have heard of guys fishing Indian Lake on a 1 1/2'' of ice, and that to me is stupid.
  4. Alum is tricky. I don't trust it unless we have really good ice, and even then you have to use discretion.
  5. How is the water level on Alum anyway? Is it back to normal. Last time I was there in the fall it was down ~8ft
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    The ice on the bigger lakes up here in northern Ohio isn't anything to brag about so I'm sure it's pretty poor on Alum.
  7. Perchy101

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    Still down a good 5 foot.