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    What I saw. Started fast and went downhill from there.

    I saw more bucks in a few hours than I saw the entire gun season.


    8:00 - 3 bucks together, 8's and a 6, came within 40 yds feeding. Two bigger ones pushed each other around a couple of times

    8:45 - Buck and doe ,120 class, maybe a little better, chasing a doe

    9:45 - 3 does and 2 small bucks harassing them

    10:10 - 5 does

    10.15 - 4 does and a small buck

    12.45 - same 4 does without small buck

    2.15 - same 4 does

    4:00 - dark - same 4 does,

    Sunday -

    7-11 - zero

    VERY BAD picture of the 3 bucks. It was early, low light,a slow shutter speed, and an operator that could hold the camera still enough. A bad combination. I took bunches of pictures of them and even a movie and none were good..

  2. Nice report...I need to be hunting where your at.

  3. ...Sounds like they didn't give you time for a nap on Saturday..Great report...C.L...
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  4. Nice report like the pics. Here is my report, and I am a first time hunter but none the less. I sat out in the woods for hours, on both days did not see one deer. :( I also went out Fri, Sat, Sun of the regular gun season and didn't see any deer.:S What am I doing wrong? lol:p
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    oh im sure there was time for a nap:p

    i agree with you Fishstix, i need to be hunting there too, nice report kim.
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    My guess is not hunting the right property?
  7. Lundy needs to take Idontknow hunting with him just to show him what they look like!
  8. Lundy

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    There are a lot of areas on the property that I hunt where I could sit for days and see little to no deer. If there are ACTUALLY deer living on the property then it is more more slanted towards the hunter abilities than the property for deer sighting success.

    We have hunted this for many, many years. We have huge areas of this land that we never set foot in prior to or during the hunting seasons. If you go busting through their bedroom everyday you just might run a few out and just might see a few less deer.;)

    Learning how the deer use the property doing their own thing versus deer running onto or across the property from hunting pressure during gun season are two different animals and for best results require two somewhat different setups and areas. The area that I hunted this weekend is a plywood box sitting in the middle of a field with no trees within 150 yards of me in any direction.

    If you want to see a deer you must go where there are deer. You can't go to Main St in downtown Bexley to buy crack on the street corner but use the same tactic on Main St. in downtown Cols and you probably score everyday.

    I saw no deer on Sunday and only the same 4 does all afternoon on Saturday, I think the property that I hunt is shot, I better look for a new place to hunt.:( :(