2 channel cats lots of taps

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by nlcatfish, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. We got our lines in the water at 08:05 at our favorite spot.
    08:18 Joe got the 1st bite of the day. I had a fish near the boat but he cleaned off the hook and got away. Had some taps on the Smokies, but moved at 09:20.

    2nd stop was at the overlook on the Ohio side above the Big Mac Bridge.
    The wind was blowing right down river there and really was rocking the boat. We gave up since no bites, headed down river. Next stop we anchored behind the Water Front to try to block the wind. No luck there either, so moved down river a little further. We spent 30 minutes there without a bite.

    We motored back up to our first spot. Joe finally got the 1st fish of the day a 1 pound channel cat. Joe kept on getting taps and I was getting nothing. I had small skipjacks and strips of seasoned steak, which normally are good baits. I tried his Smokies and started to get hits. I hooked a 3.5 pound 20 inch channel at 13:00 on his Smokies, so now I am a believer. Headed home at 13:30 from a nice time on the water