2 beer policy at paul brown stadium?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by iam20fan, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. heard on a talk show on WLW that a group of people is trying to get a 2 beer policy at bengals games. just another example of people who don't like something thinks everyone shouldn't like it. just like the smoking ban. i am not a drunk or an acholic but i do drink beer after a hard days work.i can solve this problem have a beer section at the games or even a couple of family sections.i just don't like people deciding for me what i should or shouldn't do. i am a kitchen manager at a pub/cigar bar and i can see the smoking ban has cut our sales in half. WHERE ARE THE NON SMOKERS WHO SAID THEY WOULD COME TO BARS AFTER THE BAN TOOK PLACE?. THEY HAVEN'T CAME OUT YET.
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    You can only buy two beers at a time now at PBS. That has been around for awhile

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    Can you go back and get another two? Maybe that is all they will sell one person at one time. It would be easier to carry
  4. I think that's the way it is at most stadiums/venues. I'm not a big drinker and it would take me a while to get the first two down :( so anymore than that would be a waste.
  5. no i mean 2 beers per person the whole game.
  6. That will go over real well. :rolleyes: I'd like to see how they are going to police that. It wouldn't surprise me though if someone tried this. I'd think attendance might drop because of this.
  7. Policing that seems to me would be nearly impossible. And with the revenue made from the beer sales there would have to be huge opposition for them to go that route.
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    the logistics of a move like that would be amazing and very costly
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    It has to be 2 beers per person at a time. It cant be only 2 beers for the whole game. That is crazy. At the browns game's you can only buy 2 beers if your by yourself then 4 w/ two people etc. etc. Not to mention the amount of $$$$$$ those owner's would be losing at $6-$8 per beer!
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    Very Doubtful...and even a worse business practice...! :confused:
  11. I've only ben to PB once-can't remember their alcohol sales procedure, but at CBJ games they swipe your licence every time you purchase a beer (2 beer max per trip). That's probably how they would limit it. I think I could probably get through a game on 2 beers, assuming I had plenty before and after! :D

  12. Beer drinking sections????...that would be one heck of a party. I would buy season tickets if I could get the seats in that section.