2 bass one one bait?

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  1. has anyone out there caught 2 on one bait at the same time?I have caught 2 on a rattle trap twice at a local gravel pit-but only 12" fish. have pics here at home but not on my digital cam.just a funny thing to see.
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    Happened to me once with smallies (about 10-12" ea). I caught them on a #5 rapala original floating minnow. I don't know how they managed to get a hook each since the lure was so small.


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    I did it once using an X-rap on a farm pond. 2-12" LM Bass. One on the front treble and one on the rear treble.
  4. Got two at the same time last year at CC on a white Bandit. One was about 15" the other about 10"....:D :) ;)
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    Got 2 bass on a Rapala DT Crankbait once. When they Hit i thought i had my first double digit bass on. I worked (what I thought was one fish) slow from about 12 feet of water. As it started to come up I knew something was wierd. When I saw what I had my heart started to pump. 2 bass one crank the first one was 2 pounds and 3 oz. the second one probably at or around the 4 pound mark. the big one plopped off and got free right at the boat. Got the 2 pounder in and weighed him.

    A great morning of fishing for sure. I got a few other nice fish that morning.
  6. Caught 2 White Bass on a Yozuri Pins Minnow a few yrs ago at Greenup Dam.
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    i took two bass on a top water crank bait last year
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    On Watts Bar Lake in Tenn last year took 2 8inch bass on a 4inch Berkley Power worm. 1 was hooked and the other was sucking on the tail. When I flipped them in the boat the 1 sucking the tail fell on the bottom of the boat.
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    10 years ago for me it would happen 2-3 times a year at alum and o'shay .
    the best for me was a 3# LM & a 2 1/2# smally at Alum
  11. I got 2 SM about 14 inches each on a prop bait in the GMR about 7 years ago. Got 11 in one spot in about 15 minutes. A very active school was there that day----I even saw a small snake disappear in a swirl when he made the mistake of trying to cross that area.

    I've caught crappy that way lots of times on a crappy rig with jigs or mnnows attached.
  12. This happened to me a couple of times. Once I caught 2 little ones on a popper and twice I had 2 hit a crankbait. The most recent I was fishing a local lake in early October and got on a school. I was literally getting bass on every cast. Then these 2 hit. I thought I had a monster. The fish on the front was 18" and the back was 16". It was a lot of fun.

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    2 14-15 smallies on an xrap about a month ago.
    First time for me, a lot of fun to catch, a nightmare to get off.
  14. About 2 yeras ago I caught 2 on a Norman crank bait at Portage during a club tournament. One was 21/2 and the other 31/2 for 6 lbs in 1 cast! It was so bizarre I never told anyone about it cause I thought no one would believe me, but I had my non-boater partner there to attest to it. Both fish were legally hooked in the mouth. I figured one hit it and the other tried to take it away and got hooked???? :)
  15. I was fishing a saturday mourning tournament at griggs dam with a friend and for a bout the first hour I was catching a fish on evry cast then I hooked what seemed to be a big one until I got it to the net and my partner told me that there was two fish one was a 12and 1/2 inch fish the other was a 13inch fish both large mouth I havent been able to repeat it since
  16. Does a fish and your finger count? I had a white bass that hooked me with my vibe when I was trying to take it off.

    I don't know what I would do if this happened to me. I would just hope my camera had batteries in it just to get a picture. That would be sweet.
  17. there was a show a few years ago and they got to smallies on a jig'n grub
  18. caught two smallies on a rebel crawdad at the hoga over the summer. it almost happened a second time that day, caught a smallie and as i was reelin it in another smallie was running along side of the hooked one trying to get at the crawdad.
  19. Was realing in a pike on a green tube when a 3 lb Smallie shot from under the boat and took the tube right out of the pikes mouth...:)
  20. That would have been really cool to see. Did you catch the bass