2/21 Mogadore

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  1. Found 4 1/2 inches of clear ice off Palm rd. Went out just 100 yards in 4 1/2 ft of water. Caught a batch of fish which included 2 decent perch (10"), and acouple of 9" redear. The rest (7) were just big enough to fillet. Thru a few back. All in all, It was worth the effort. I was still catching fish just as darkness was falling and the rain and wind picked up. I was there for 4 hours and saw two other guys on the ice. I didn't get a chance to chat with them to find out how they did. But I'm going back tomorrow evening!
  2. Well I hit Congress Rd yesterday evening and not too much to report. Good ice off of the ramp and at least 3 1/2 to 4" up to 8" out by the duck blind. I tried to enter the ice from the north side from the small lot and found it too thin.

    A few guys out and they did about the same as me. A few dink gills, a few dink rbass (or warmouth's). I did catch an 11" bass all returned to the water.
    This may be it for me for the ice season. It was enjoyable!

  3. Joe,
    Slow ice season this year at Mogadore may be just what this body of water needed. Seems to have slid down hill the past couple of years.
    After ice out around 2-3 years ago, I could not believe the amount of dead bass and sunfish next to Congress Lake road.
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    Ice off the boat stakes was 7 to 8 inches monday evening. Didn't take out my scoop to measure, just guessing here. Still didn't want to fish the dead sea. First winter in a LONG time I didn't fish this lake other than palm rd twice in early dec.
  5. I didn't waste my time this year either. The first time i have not fished this lake in the winter in a long long time.