1st year to fish West Branch

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  1. This will be my first year learning West Branch. Any advice on the early season approach to crappie and Walleye will be appreciated. I have a little 14 footer and waders. Does the action here start as early as Mosquito? What water temps seem to move the crappie into the bays? How about the Walleye, are there any in the lake? Just kidding I hope !
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  2. ... I am not a temp. freak but this is the time for the crappies to be in the bays....But the water is pretty Muddy right now....walleyes have been caught on both sides of Rock Spring Road...once the weather gets to where the Nutty speed boats show up...I move strictly to the West side of Rock Springs Road....best thing for you is to go over and feel yourself around ....plenty of bays to check out...Have caught fish in everyone one time or another....do a lot of drift fishing from the island to Rock Springs Road...always something to learn on that lake...and yes there are walleyes in there ...not much for numbers...My opinion...
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  3. i was over there last night....water is clearing but still murky.....and really high....but crappies should be turning on any night now.....i hear the spring peepers were out so it is time.....

    eyes....i don't know...i have caught a couple small 7'' fry in recent yrs, my wife caught a nice 16'' while we were pounding crappies....i have caught an 18'' while doing the West Branch bait and tackle crappie tourny....which is coming up again on 4/26 i think....
    numbers wise, i just don't know....i'm sure some more guys will chime
    in...i know luredaddy musky fishes the heck out of this lake...wonder if he
    bumps into an eye now and again ?

  4. There is a small, reproducing population of walleye in West Branch. Problem is-NO size limit! and alot of guys think, if it was a PERCH, it'd be a nice one, make a tasty sandwich, and keep them. DNR said there should not be any in the lake but were enlightened by some of our members and this year, "may" invoke a 15" size limit. It probably won't happen til mid summer, or be in effect til NEXT year. We "sportsmen" must use good judgement in what we keep from a lake in this frail condition relative to this species. You can 'search' this forum and find a ton of old threads on this subject so I'll get off the pop crate and leave it at that.
  5. Thanks for the information. I'll be out for sure this Saturday morning and report what happens. I have the boat ready and ran the motor with the ears on last night. Does anyone have an opinion of what Boat Launch they like here and why? When I used to fish Shenengo I had my car window smashed out at one area. Would like to avoid that if I can. Does anyone know if ODNR currently stock Walleye in WB?
  6. I am planning on being at West Branch on Saturday also. ODNR hasn't stocked walleye there in many years. Go to the fishing prospects on the ODNR website and it will give you the last year and numbers. They have stocked saugeye since the last walleye stocking. It is a poor rated lake for either species. I will be fishing for musky mostly but might throw a shad rap or wally diver to try for an eye. Good sized striped bass are also found in this lake.

  7. Walleyes were last stocked in 1989, and Stripers have not been stocked since like 1991. I suspect the striper numbers are extremely low by now and if you should catch a striper, it will be a very old(and very large!) fish since they do not reproduce there.
  8. Nice crappie and musky lake. There is a ton of info on past threads regarding West Branch and any other heavily fished body of water on this site. Do a search and you can read posts for days.
    Okay...not literally days unless you read really slow.
    just sayin:p
  9. ...Now is the time to fish the East side down towards the dam ....Once the speed boaters show up it can get rough...they have no respect for the fishermen....I think a lot of fish would be caught if we had a speed limit on W.B.....when it gets hot I feel a lot of the saugeye's and waleyes move to the deeper water on the East side but to go down there for them ...You take your life in your own hands...No Respect...
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