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  1. Well, I said I would post my first try. Here it is. Its supposed to be a perch, but I think I'm gonna call it mutant perch. Am having a hard time finding the eyes locally, will have to get a source.

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  2. Nice 1st lure chappy. I like the paint job. Here are a couple of links to get lure making supplies:



    I bought some half-round faceted beads with a reflective backing at Pat Catans. To make eyes I removed a small circular potion of the backing and painted in a black pupil to show through. These eyes were done that way.

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  3. Nice first try. Was that with an airbrush?
  4. Looks great! I love the colors. That things looks it has got mombo wobble. Excellent.
  5. I agree, it does look great.

    Try Pat Cattan's for doll eyes. They're cheap and they come in different sizes.

    Here's a bait with the doll eyes modified a bit by scratching the backs of them and painting the back of the eyes with a toothpick and some red paint (Tigger showed me how to do this):
  6. Thanks for the comments guys , yes it was with a airbrush went to Michaels they had 25% off all airbrushes and supplies bought alot of stuff , great ideals for the eyes going to try them. just what I need a new expensive hobby. lol.
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    Nice first try. It gets easier as you go along. Don't get discouraged.

    I was wondering how you guys made those eyes. Is there a web site for this Pat Cattan's?

    Keep 'em coming.
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