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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by DanAdelman, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Taking out a group of friends this sat hoping to show them a good time... I normally have to beg guys to get up at 5 am and sometimes earlier to go fishing with me but not this sat. should have a few first timers and I am praying to put them on some fish so they get hooked as much as I am... I am going to try my luck at the grand...Which is the river i am most familiar with may try some smaller rivers closer to lake if that isn't producing but hopefully will catch them at the grand which is more scenic...

    Anyways I was just hoping someone could reassure me they are making their way into the rivers and it should be worth the trip...

    (PM me if you have specific information that you don't want to be public)
  2. There are a few in the rivers, but not in huge numbers yet. The further east you go, the better. You may want to head out closer to the mouth at the short or long wall. I'm heading out Friday afternoon and will report what I see.

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    Goodluck archman let us know if you find some. I haven't gotten out yet and looks like the weather might be good to go out on the big lake again.
  4. The rivers West of Cleveland to PA have been spotty with the most concentrations being toward PA. I'd run out farther east and try PA or the wall at Conny. The guy's casting spoons and floating jigs have been more consistantly hitting fish on the lakefront than any action in the rivers right now. I haven't checked the forecast but the wall at Conny (if its not a gale) should be hot or the Headlands wall is another good option.
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    You're going to have a rough time consistantly putting your buddies on fish in the river. I'd definately stick with the lakefront, more specifically, Conn, Ash.

    We busted out our float rods with minnows the past week or so, been catching a lot of channel cats, smallies, etc. Only one steelhead caught so far.
  6. Ive gotten three this week on the rock. Havent seen much activity though I would stick with close to the mouth and as far east as you can go just like they said.
  7. AnthHol... are you using spinning or fly gear on the rock i got a new 5wt and cant wait anylonger to try to hook up with a steelie
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    They are starting to show up at Wildwood, I caught one today and saw another one caught as well.
  9. tuesday was caught on a crankbait and jig and maggot yesterday, today was caught on the fly swinging a clouser minnow along the bottom.
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    about that time again! sweeeet!
  11. Just about, it was great to get that feeling of hooking into some steel again i missed it since spring. I'll be down on the rock today in a white shirt and grey and black simms waders say whats up if you see me.

    Also, just wanted to remind everyone that fishes the rock that there is a new bait shop Rocky River Tackle, it is located just east of Giant Eagle on Lorain Road in between W 220 and W 210, Jason is a great guy and ties great flies, however, the shop is struggling and id hate to see another local shop close so if u have the chance stop by just wanted to put the word out that its close seeing as a lot of people may not know about it due to the fact he opened up after the season ended in spring. good luck and tight lines everyone
  12. Can you give directions to this shop.I'm from Akron and don't know the area very well.If it is close to the park start from there.I will always shop at the little guys first. I hope to be hitting that area next week sometime.Thanks.
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    sweet...does he carry all assorted baits? crawlers, shiners, maggots, spawn sacs(a little to early)

  14. I hope he has shiners...
  15. he carries mostly all assorted baits.

    If you are coming from akron the directions from the marina would be take Detroit road to Wooster Rd turn left on Wooster. Turn Right on Lorain. Shop is about a mile down on the left if you pass Giant Eagle you went too far it is immediately before Giant Eagle.
  16. DanAdelman

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    thanks for everyones reports...
    unfortunately your reports were accurate...
    I attempted a small unstocked river east of the main rivers with no luck...We tried casting wading in front of the mouth casting into the lake but nothing...
    i also tried the grand with no luck...
    The weather and view was great but no steelhead...
    I did manage a rock bass but wouldn't consider that worth the hour and half drive...