1st one of 09'

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    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    After 2 trips to findlay, 2 trips to IL, Trips to Alum, Delaware, CJ and Buckeye I have my 1st fish of 2009. It was a long hard road.. Lots of jigging, lots of hole drilling, lots of dragging, lots of driving and I finally landed this sucker...

    Went to a private pond - drilled two holes and put a black ant and waxie down into the hole with the flasher the ant never had a chance I saw the red light come screaming in and bam fish on! I was happy... I celebrated with a fish pump and a cry to the sky saying finally the curse has been broken...
    :B :B :B


    Well, atleast there is always tomorrow for the :B

  2. hehehe,, Can i disclaim perchy101.... well at least i got two gills and stiff hands
  3. Sweet! Congrats!! Awesome colors on that bass. Did it take drag? Oh yeah that would mean your new power auger worked as well!! Off is on on is off!! ;) About as good as me on Indian got 1 early skunked rest of day.:)
  4. Beings a tear to your eye dosen't it...
  5. he set the hook so hard the fish was flying out of the hole,, and his bucket went flying also snickering..Did i mention i hand stiff hands
  6. Now that's what I call a wall hanger...They charge by the inch Won't hurt the wallet much.....:p ....:p ....:p .....Jim.....
  7. At Wolf Run you could weigh that fish!!!!!we had a guy place and brought fish to scale in a sandwich bag!
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    CONGRATS PERCHY !!! No better feeling than to get that first one out of the way. Go Get-m!