1st Nimi Smallmouth

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by smallieguy, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Well I finally did it. I got myself a smallie today. Only a 12'' model but
    it was alive.;)
    Its still hard for me to believe but I took a picture of him so I can go
    back to it when I wake up.:)
    Jig fishing a good rocky point and there he was, good hard hit and fought
    just like a smallie. One of the darkest I have ever seen coming out of the
    water but with in 20 seconds he started to lighten up to a nice olive-bronze.
    Ended a 6 hour day with 12 LM, biggest a 3.3lber and 1 SM. all on jigs.
    The word was the bass her hitting everything and heard some stories of
    a big fish or 2 being lost at the boat from some tourni guys but didn't seen
    any weight-ins to know what won.
    Water temp is up to 55-58 in spots and the color is like coffee with cream.
    All my fish came form 3-6 fow.
  2. i was there today in one of the small tournaments. didnt do good. 2 fish on chatterbaits. nothing on jigs, spinnerbaits, or crankin. my big fish was 3.54 lbs. only took alittle over seven to win our club.

  3. it was not a total waste today i did beat bassmanmark :p
  4. can anybody tell me what the secret was to catching five good fish today?:confused:
  5. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    I don't know what good is but my 5 best went 11.5 lb.
    Swam a jig.
  6. usually ido really well there ... today wasnt usually:p
  7. Congrats smaillieguy!! I told you that they were in there. Now if you caught a 12" 'er then where is his mommy and daddy???? We think we have seen them crashing baitfish in the summertime, but can't prove it yet. They are the school that gets started, and as soon as you touch the troll motor they go down. Oh well, the few I caught liked (hated) floating worms!! Almost time for that to kick in. Good job on the other fish too-just not brown fish!!
  8. Congrats Jeff. Looks like they made a believer out of you.