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  1. Caught my 1st, then about 20 min. later my 2nd musky ever @ Cave Run Lake in KY. Was fishing for bass around some stumps and weeds in about 13-15' of water. Needless to say we were ill prepared to actually boat either of them. The net we had was no where near large enough, and having never caught one I was not real sure where to grab the fish (obviously not the mouth). Anyway, both swam away to be caught again.


  2. Congrats!
    Warning this can lead to expensive baits, long hours on the water, etc.!
    It's been a few years since I have been to Cave Run. Where were you at when you got them?
    You may want to get some long needle nose pliers, and some quality hook cutters to make it easier on you and the fish. Also try to hold the belly of the fish when holding it to ease the pressure on the fish's spine. Just trying to help, not trying to tell you what to do.
    Once again, good job!

  3. Congrats on two great fish.

    Muskyman said everything else I was gonna add.
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  5. Congrats. Like they say, "Everything else is just bait".
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  7. Con gradulation on the 1st Musky and even better 2nd!!!!

    that second one got some nice girth!

  8. Thanks Everyone. Thanks for the advice Muskyman it is appreciated, I have since seen other photos and most appear to be holding the belly of the fish more. My buddy made the comment about a half hour after I caught those that I will be wanting to hit Alum Creek all the time now.

    That was my 1st time on the lake so I will try my best on the location, we stayed at Twin Knobs, there is a creek arm almost directly west if you look at a map, we were in the 2nd cove to the right. Both were caught down the east side of that cove in the stumps. Caught em both with a rapala DT silver color. The water temp seemed to vary around the lake but if I remember it was about 77-78 back in that cove.