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1st Kayak

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishNbutler, May 22, 2008.

  1. Going to pick up my first kayak tomorrow morning and be on it tomorrow afternoon, Yeehaw! Getting a 8' Wilderness Systems Ripper. It was between that and a Ocean Yakboard of the same size. Something I can throw in the truck and easily haul to the water and back. Will need a rod holder or two, any ideas which are better? Probably just want something to hold a rod while not fishing...
  2. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler


    That's a nice selection for a yak. Cool deal. My suggestion for a rod holder would be a RAM. I hope to get a Native Marvel next spring. I am unfamiliar with Butler county. What rivers do you plan to fish or what resevoirs and such? I am in central Ohio so I canoe the Darby, Olentangy and Kokosing rivers from time to time.


  3. I just picked up a mantaray and I am still outfitting it. I like to fish westbranch