1st Day of Gun

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  1. Where does everyone plan to hunt the 1st day of Gun? This may help everyone judge the expected hunters at certain locations. I will be with my Dad and 2 buddies on private land in Canfield/Salem area in the morning. May move to state land in the afternoon, maybe Berlin or Brush Creek. Good Luck and be Safe!
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  2. I'll be down on our 130 acre farm just south of Lisbon, OH.

    I am sure I will come across a few who "wander" on to our place... I typicially tell then that they are on private property, and most are apologetic and move on... although there are those who get upset and want to cause a ruckus... Thoes are the ones who cause me to get a little upset.

    Good luck to everyone.... and stay safe!

  3. i'll be on coal land in noble county with 4 other guys
  4. Bassnpro1

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    I'm going to be on the open fields of Madison County for Monday. Tuesday I will be in Wayne County, then moving to Warren County for the weekend.
  5. hey fellas hows it going? going good here and soon to be better...Im stayin near the house on the 200 acres in sheffield in ash co, then off too the hot spot in pierpont where the big boys a beddin down hope everyone the best this season, let em have it, i can taste them backstraps now :!
  6. I'll be on mine and my uncles 100 acre property in Vinton County just outside of McArthur. As far as those who "wander" that's what they have the sheriff for.
  7. ezbite

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    i will be in mosquitos public hunting area, not going to say which one. if you hunt mosquito, please dont stand around, walk as much as you can and make as much noise as you can:p i thank you and my freezer thanks you..
  8. I'm hunting Grand River in Trumbull county the first few days, then I'll be moving to private property in Lordstown. Good luck to all and stay safe!
  9. Darron, Just wondering do you have a uncle that hunts up there named Dan and is your land surrounded by public. It's a shot in the dark but I figured I would try.

    I will be with my friends and some family hunting Around Nelsonville/ Athen area.
  10. PapawSmith

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    I will be sitting at my desk, in my office working, like always. :( However I will also be paying close attention to the food plot 75 yds. from the doorwall directly across from my desk. And, of course, my slug gun will be loaded and standing next to the door.:) I see deer back there nearly every day but I suppose that, monday, that will change.
    Oh well, I have to keep working so that our employees can stay employed so that they can afford to take time off to hunt. :confused:
  11. Fishman

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    If I don't bag a doe tomorrow or wensday, it's gun season for me. Planning on taking Monday/Tuesday off to fill one last tag. Shouldn't be to hard, hunting private land in Clermont County. Be safe and good luck to all!
  12. hunting private land in Jackson county on Monday and Tuesday then public around Greene,Warren and Clinton counties the rest of the week.
  13. Snook

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    Headin down to the 400 acre farm in Coshocton with friends and family the first two days. If I don't get the "big" one there I will head to Tuscarawas on the weekend. Will hunt Ashtabula in the middle of the week.
  14. OSU_Fisherman

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    I'll be on my Grandpa's farm (a couple hundred acres in Muskingum County) on Monday. I'll stay there Tuesday if I didn't tag out. IF its just an extremely bad year, I'll be back on the bonus weekend.
  15. First timer here...I'll be a bit east of mansfield on some private land monday with a few friends. I excited...can't wait
  16. Change of plans here. Off to Skeeter Monday and maybe Tuesday with a couple of buddies. Then Lordstown and who knows where else. EZ if you see me give me a wave I will be the guy dressed in orange.
  17. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    LOL..beware of the black hats and white aprons. they usually start their drive about 10'ish:mad:
  18. I love the Amish.........they always push deer to my property. I have an Amish neighbor across the street from my place and I love it when he hunts. Talk about seeing deer............... This guy is a decent guy and has helped me drag out several deer and even watches my property for me. I have no complaints here about them.
  19. ill be on my 8 farms in jefferson county about 3,000 acres. all week long. not a amish fan.
  20. We have amish hunt all around us. In years past, we used to have many run in's with the Amish. Seemed every year we were throwing them off our property. But haven't had any problems with them in the last 5 years.

    One thing is for sure, we always hear them shooting early in the morning and by 9 there are a slew of deer moving through our property. No complaints with that. I shot a nice 8 point back in 2004 that was pushed from their property to ours.