1st day of deer gun season

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by woodysoutdoors, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. whoo hooo who's ready? who's syked up? me me me. I am ready. rain and all. calling 90% chance in my area.

    I drove through AEP area camping and it was packed as expected but I still saw several open camping spots.

    Good luck to all. Be safe!

  2. Gonna hit the hay now, probably wont be able to sleep, heading to 3-tags land before 7AM.
    Looks like flu bug weather tomorrow, hope those who needed shots are all set.
    Good luck everyone.

  3. got my flu shot but go read my post "life stinks." good luck tomorrow.
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Woodysoutdoors, I read your post. At least you will be able to get out Tuesday. So all is not as bad as seems. I think things happen for a reason. Maybe because you going to get a bigger buck than your hubby. :! :D
  5. H2O Mellon

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    This is the 1st year since I was9 years old that I'm not deer hunting. I lost that hunting desire this year (didn't even buy a license).

    Be safe out there guys.
  6. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i am with you h20 1st time in 8 years i have missed oppening day man work and school suck

    i dident even buy a tag this year
  7. my husband worked a 10 hr shift, got in early this morning form work and decided he was too tired and it was too wet to go out. I have only been with him for 2-3 yrs but he has hunted 4-ever and this is the 1st time he has ever missed the 1st day of deer gun season. He's opted to wait and go out with me tomorrow.

    you're right things happen for a reason. we prob would have ended up sick.

    so instead he'll sleep and I'll take my girls and my mom to the movies. we want to see fred claus.

    I have yet to get any deer. perhaps this will be my year. last year there was an buck I saw..could not get a shot on so I tapped hubby's arm and he shot it. This is my year. I won't let him get my deer this time lol!
  8. tcba1987

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    i WAS psyched to go until i sat out in a steady rain for 3 hours this morning and didnt even hear anyone shoot close to where i was hunting. I didnt see anything and was soaked clear through to my long johns by 10 am !! :mad: Hopefully Tuesday the weather is better !!
  9. Spent 5 hours in rain this AM. Nada.
    Last couple of years I heard hundreds of shots opening day, Richland County.
    This AM, about 10 or so.
  10. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    I'm only looking to fill an antlerless tag since I got lucky in archery. I spent 3.5 hours out in that crap this morning and saw a few squirrels. Heard a dozen or so shots including one moron who shot at 7:01 a.m. - I was still walking in to the woods with a flashlight. There was so much fog down in Tusc. Cty there was no way that guy could see what might have been behind whatever it was he took a shot at. I could only see about 20 feet in front of me at the time.
  11. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Got myself one today, just wore waterproof gear and it wasn't to bad. Honestly it beat last year! Rather be bundled up and cold, than bundled up and sweating my butt off!!

    The deer I shot was the only one I saw this morning, althought I wasn't much in the mood for sitting around and waiting on anything else. Pretty sure tomorrow will be a much much better day. The only reason I sat it out today was because I'de never taken a deer with a gun - I'de much rather bow hunt personally. No pressure and up close and personal with the deer make for much more exciting hunts.
  12. i was out in the rain today also.....i only saw a few nice does but not close enough to take a shot im headed out tomorrow ill be out about 7am but was wondering what ya'll think about using calls and what call should i use?thanks and good luck tomorrow everyone!!
  13. thank god for the rain got me off early and out in the woods about 1pm and shot a doe at 4 !!! not bad. i dont mind the rain much. it was easy to be quiet when walking, heading back out tommarow i hope! good luck to ya all!!!!!!:!
  14. My hunting buddy's gave me so much crap this weekend because I couldn't get off today to hunt. I guess I got the last laugh since they got no deer and no shots today. I was dry and they were wet...HA! I'll be out in the woods Friday thru Sunday hoping to get a buck.
  15. Toxic

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    I drove 2 hours away just to wet today. I did manage to bump 2 does. So I wasn't completely skunked. But man was I soaked to the bone. Looking at tomorrows weather, eeks 20-30+mph winds. They will be sitting tight. I think I'll sleep in and see how it turns out and maybe head out in the afternoon.
  16. Hope the weather is terrible until Friday. I can't get out until them. The worse the weather is, the better the hunting will be for me this weekend. I'm hoping a bunch of people will be in the woods to push the deer around this weekend.
  17. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    No way. I can't go this weekend. I'm babysitting while the Wife plays GI Jane on her drill weekend. Yes my wife wears combat boots. Good luck to all when ever you can make it out.
  18. Sounds like we all had a fun day. BTW don't waste your money on the movie fred claus..it is not a good movie.

    I'll wait till morning see what the weather is and decide for sure what to do. Husband puts in another long shift..he may be tired. Can't even get into the woods till after 9am so not sure it will be worth the trip out.

    I did secure a sitter and a back up sitter lol for sat. Thurs and fri is a go but again not till after 9am and have only till 3pm. Not the best deer hunting hours.

    can't go sunday. all day xmas party in columbus for the kids.

    I personally prefer using my crossbow vs gun but then again I've not gotten a deer with either.

    Good luck to everyone and please report back..I'd love to see pics if anyone has any of the deer they got this week.
  19. At least you all can hunt, I was suppose to get my cast off and had a whole trip planned for Southern Ohio and when I went to the doc he said I got 6 more weeks because the bone move or rebroke.

    I was thinking about still going but decided that the hills down there would kill me. Especially if they were this wet. Still thinking about going up here but don't see it being too successful with crutches and rain.

    Unless one of you have a good private spot around Lorain County that I can go on. :D. I guess on private land I can drive up and pretty much hunt out of the car (depending on who you talk to at the DNR) but I'll still get out and set up a lawn chair, an umbrella doesn't sound too bad either. LOL

    To the guy that asked about calls, I don't have to much experience with them but read/talked to a lot of people and they say when it's windy and/or rainy the deers lay low and the sound doesn't travel too far so your pretty much wasting your time. If you see a deer and need them to come closer this would be your best bet to use a grunt or bleat. This weather spooks the deer so you may be better off walking around and finding some thick brush to walk through to kick em up outta their beds. Some sents (urine/estrus) may do better, if not the only thing they will cover your smell up.

    If you think it's too much walking AT LEAST YOU CAN WALK! :mad: :! !@ !@
  20. just my 2 cents, but my first buck i killed was in strong winds. i was slowly walking up a mountain, to my stand, over a series of 10-20 feet rises and jumped a few does when i was close to the top of 1, i just stood still andafater about 20 seconds a 7 pt jumped upand looked in my direction. He should've jumped up running since my shooting is not all that great, but he stood there for a few seconds and since my gun was already up in his direction, i could'nt miss at only about 10 yards. Oh, morale of the story is that the winds can confuse the deer and give a hunter an edge with wind direction and all that exra natural noise.