1st Crank Bait (In Progress)

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  1. Well, I decided to give this lure making a try. Thanks to Tigger I got to see how a homemade jointed crank can catch a hawg. I shaped it with a coping saw and sandpaper from 2" x 2" red cedar. It's only been primed so far but I hope to get the paint on in the next couple of days. I bathtub tested it and has some real wiggle to it!

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  2. Looks good so far, can't wait to see the paint on it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. nice. looks a heck of alot better than what i have been able to do :D
  4. Wow Andy thats looks great! What color are you going to paint it?
  5. Thanks guys. I was thinking about a purple head, orange back w/ purple striping, and a yellow belly. I'm using spray paint cans so that somewhats limits me. I'm also toying with the idea of putting some skirting between the body halves.
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    Very nice!!! Can't wait to see it with paint. I am going to give bait making a shot myself as soon as I am able to aquire the proper tools.
  7. wow that looks good andy!!! i cant wait to see the finished product!!!
  8. Thanks Jake. With my painting skills and supplies, thats probably the best it will ever look! LOL.
  9. I can give you a heads up on using spray paint cans instead of airbrushing, I found this out after ruining two of my baits. I used to use the flat grey primer before painting (forgot the brand) but I was using Testors and Boyd Model paints which for some reason, chemically react with each other. It could have been something else that got on the lures before paint, not sure. I started using a flat white paint as primer (H2O series) before color painting and then an acrylic sealer (Krylon) and haven't had any issues since. Boyd has a really nice Aluma Yellow Pearl that is an awesome chartruese when it dries. Its almost translucent so darker colors and shades will show through if you paint over them. Hope this helps. :B
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    WOW! Going for a jointed bait for your first one. Looks good. As with the others, anticipating seeing the finished product.

    I haven't tried a jointed bait yet. Maybe one of these days. I'm just hoping the ones I made so far will swim and catch fish. The first one did, so that's a boost. However. there must have been a leak and the wood expanded on it and cracked the epoxy the length of the bait. It was made out of basswood, which I have been told is notorious for doing that if it gets wet. Thought about refinishing it, but you can tell it was done by an amateur compared even to my others since. So I'll just hang it up in the cave as a memoir.

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted. Love seeing all the baits people are making on here. My latest 2 are on the rack right now with a final coat of epoxy. I'll post when they're finished.
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    Great start hope it hangs a pig for you.

    Make sure the girlfriend never finds out Tiggers real name or address. You got it bad!!!

    Nice avatar too.
  12. I told her Tiggers real name is Larry and he lives in Euclid.
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  14. Well, I finally finished my 1st crank bait. It was created with night fishing for walleye in mind. It was delayed while I learned some valuable lessons (the hard way) regarding paint and patience. I definitely need to improve my painting skills and maybe purchase some equipment. I really enjoyed making this lure and I think I'm hooked now!

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  15. that looks great andy!! now i cant wait to see some of the eyes it catches!!!!:B
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    Good job! I think the first is hardest, because you're trying everything new. Each one gets a little easier. Proper equipment, which I don't have all of it yet, sure helps. What I haven't acquired, I've built, to get me by for now. I'll be picking up the rest a piece at a time.

    Keep up the good work. And now that you're hooked, I hope to be seeing more of your creations here.
  17. Excelent job. Hard to tell it is your first it looks so nice.
  18. awesome job on you first bait, really love the idea of the skirts as well, out of the box thinking at its best!!!!!!!

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    Great job Andy!!!! I know someone who wants to run it REAL SOON.
  20. Looks like Tony the Tiger!!!

    I bet it fishes GRRREEEAAAATTT!!!! :D