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1st.catfish trip.

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by nlcatfish, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. March 30th. Update: I picked up my brother at 09:30 and headed for the Ohio River. We were
    fishing from the bank on the Kentucky side down river from Cincinnati for catfish.

    The river was muddy with a strong current; a stiff cool breeze was
    blowing out of the east. We had four lines in the water at 10:00, with different baits. I
    used raw and vanilla extract shrimp, a thawed out shad, strawberry syrup seasoned chicken
    gizzard. My brother had chicken breast season with strawberry syrup.

    At 12:15 we decided to pack it in, for we did NOT even get one bite! The only good thing to
    say we had nice to get some fresh air. Seems our bad luck has still hanging on from last

    The river will be going higher since we are to et rain the next couple of days. So not sure
    when I can think of get my boat in the river.
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  2. I must say....... you use the most random baits.
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  3. No fresh bait fish so see if there is anything they are hungry for. I have caught catfish with those baits over the years.
  4. Which goes to show that catfish will bite on darn near anything.

    IMO right now you want to be using squished chubs or even squished bluegill heads.
    If you can get some LARGE live bait cut it up and squish it too.

    I'm sure that the river stage/condition played a large part in your demise on this trip, but waaaayyyy too early for the assortment that you have offered.
  5. Norb you really need to learn to throw a cast net and pick up shad whenever you can and freeze it fir days like that. Im hoping ill be knee deep with skipjack this next weekend. If that happens ill give you a call, always open to donations. Lol
  6. Thanks for THEE offer on the Skipjacks. I will fishing at Gunterville Lake ion 2weeks. I hope to get some Skipjacks to bring home . No SHAD At the spot we were fishing the other day. It was the only SHAD I had from last season.
    At least we got out to wet a line. Looks like it will be awhile till we try again.
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  7. id go ask the marina just up river from you and ask if I cold throw off the dock
  8. They don't let folks fish from the dock. Last fall they said I could fish at their ramp for Skipjacks. I believe they would not care if I used a net to get SHAD.
  9. Norb you still putting in in the Licking? If so the small indentation next to the ramp always has shad
  10. Happy to hear that you are getting to go to Guntersville.
    I've never fished it, BUT it is on the same lake chain as Pickwick so the catfishing there should be amazing if you hit it right.
    I would think the skippies would be thick in the tailwater. Throw the smallest lures that you can.
    Good Luck and have FUN!!!!
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  11. I do not use Fredrick s any more,just go out of the Public Landing. I try for SHAD there before I launch my boat. At Guntersville,the guys I am going with are Bass fishermen. Not sure if I will get any cat fishing time. I am hopipng to find skipjacks near our cabin. We are staying up at the far end from the dam,so not sure I can get to the deal to fish.
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