1st Annual Misfit Open Saugeye Tournament

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  1. Please Read the enclosed and plan on participating and honoring the "MISFIT"
    one of this site's moderators.Rick has fished with alot of us and I know no other fisherman whom loves the sport more than him.Let's all show up and enjoy the day.This is our first and we are learning as we go so please be patient as we try to accomplish this and start an annual event As noted this is a 100% payout so no money is lining anyone's pockets except the top 5 finishers.The Judges for the event are myself,ShortDrift,Mushroomman.Feel free to pm myself if you have any questions.I hope to see many of you there.

    Disclaimer: This site not affilated with this event,it is not endorsed,sponsored by them in any way or form.

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  2. 1St Annual Misfit
    Buckeye Lake Open Saugeye

    When: Saturday October 11, 2008
    7AM-3PM (rain or shine)

    Where: Buckeye Lake Leibs Island Launch Area

    $40.00 Entry fee per boat (2 man Team)
    100% payback

    1st Place 600.00
    2ndPlace 500.00
    3rdPlace 400.00
    4thPlace 300.00
    5thPlace 200.00

    50-boat limit (first come, first served)

    All registration must be complete by
    Oct 1, 2008. Money order or Certified checks
    Only. No credit cards, paypal, or personal check accepted. Registration will be open to all OGF members until Sept 20, 2008 than opened to anyone to fill 50-boat field. In the event 50 boat field is not filled prizes awarded will be adjusted accordingly.
    Winners will be determined by total weight of 6 fish limit per person(SAUGEYE ONLY). If a tie results than the (1) longest fish in inches will be used, if a tie still than a flip of a coin will determine the winner. All decisions of the judges are final.

    All State fishing regulations must be observed.
    Fish may be caught using live or artificial means.
    All fish being weighed must be freshly caught.

    Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times.
    Caution and safety must be observed at the start. There will be no blast-off, competitors will leave launch in the order of registration received. Approved coast guard life vests are encouraged to be worn.
    No fishing within 20 ft of another competitor and absolutely no mooring your boat to another competitor during fishing hours. Any cheating and all involved will be disqualified and barred from future tournaments.

    Judges will be out observing competitors and reserve the right to approach and board any competitors boat during the tournament to enforce the rules. Your refusal will result in disqualification immediately.
    Competitors who are not in the check-in area at their appointed time will be penalized 8 ounces of weight per minute they are late. Anyone more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified.

    Completion of an entry and payment of the entry fee certifies that you have read these rules and agree to abide by them. You further agree to waive all responsibility and hold harmless any organizer or host as to injury or damage that might occur in connection with the tournament.

    No refunds after the 50-boat field has been filled. You will be permitted to transfer your entry one time only prior to October 1st, 2008 midnight or entry fee is forfeited.

    *** Side Pot*** $ 5.00 Entry Fee For Largest Catfish In Inches
    (1) Winner takes All , For Those Interested.

    ***To Be Paid And Entered At Event***








    Please mail completed registration form with entry fee to:

    Richard Caudell Sr
    639 Taft Av.
    Newark, Ohio 43055 (740) 348-5005

  3. Starting this friday (08-22-08) I will be posting updates as to your starting positions.I will do this every Friday until the tournament.Thanks for your participation.
  4. updated added today in tournament section
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    This Event is only 3 weeks away, Where are all the fishermen???
  6. TheSonicMarauder

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    i've been gone awhile.... did something happen to misfit?!?!?!?!?
  7. First of all welcome back!! And no nothing happened to Misfit. A few guys decided to start a small saugeye tournament in Rick's honor.
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    He forgot how to catch fish so a bunch of guys are gonna take him to Buckeye and show him how;) :D
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    I am happy to see many of the stickys in this forum are gone. It is much easire on the eyes ;) Thanks

    Don't Let MisFit catch the :B