1rst trail cam pics, my flash stinks, nice bucks!

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by Danshady, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. i just got a trailcam this year, wildview didnt expect much cuz it was cheap got a few decent pics but i think it has flash issues sometimes though. got a decent 8 pt twice and the one in the dark had a nice looking friend with him, maybe bigger cant really tell though. these bucks have lost there velvet already too. got lots more of some does that are kinda bad shots too...is there anything i can do about the flash?
  2. Not sure which model you have but I have the same problem with flash, I have 2 Moultries which are far worse and ended up pulling them out just a waste of time for those cameras my 35mm works alot better than all those put together. My nephew is a electronics whiz and we ended up building one with pix controller parts and an Olympus D340 digital camera and it has been working great. As far as the flash on the wildview he is going to look into putting a slave flash which is a detachable flash from a regular camera and house it in a separate box and wire it to the wildview for far better night pics. Hard to beat the home brews though. Will see if it works.

  3. the one night pics of the two bucks there was the best night pic i got...all others were way too dark to see anything but a silouette of deer. weird how at least one time the flash will light up enough to get the pic but other times wont...the deer are all standing in the same spot
  4. here this is a little better

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