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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ying6, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever experience a very tight steering wheel. Especially in colder temps.
    I have a 150 merc on a 19ft targa. racket-pin steering.
    any thoughts?
  2. Phil Carver

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    ying , I wouldnt be to concerned if the steering is kind of stiff in cooler temps . Does it seem stiff in the afternoons when it is warmer or just in the a.m. ? If They are stiff in the warmer part of the day I would have them replaced . Do not let them only replace 1 of them . It will cost you around $300 for the cables and probably $125-$150 for labor though . :(

  3. Thanks for the reply. So you think it has to do with the cables? It is tighter than it should be for sure when it gets warmer. I know when other guys steer they mention how difficult it is. I was looking to find a way to get it done for a reasonable price. - Do you have a suggestion on where I could not get robbed?
    thanks for the help
  4. DaleM

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    If your steering is getting tighter by all means get it fixed. Phil can tell you what happens if it breaks. We had a guy drown a few years ago when the steering snapped while running. No matter what it cost it isn't worth it if it snaps while your running 50 MPH. If it means replacing them please do it before it's to late.
  5. Phil Carver

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    I dont know why they would be bad so soon but its not worth the chance of having one snap . There will no warning by the way . :( Its well worth the $$ instead of your life .
  6. you guys are making me very nervous. - I normally try to work on my boat, but this sounds like something I should have professionally done.
    - Does anyone know someone who has done this before?
  7. Alright, I'll state the obvious, no insult intended. When mine gets a little tight I grease the steering cable where it slides in and out of the shaft "dohickie" by the motor.
  8. Phil Carver

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    Sometimes that may help but if the cable itself is stiff , theres no way to lube it . I had mine break on me this year and its not fun . Try to put some grease on the shafts and if its still tight , get them replaced .
  9. - I was really working on it this weekend, to see if I felt like I would have to change it. seems to me that turning left is the hardest. I was able to free quite a bit of it by turning right. But left is a forearm workout.
    When I did lube the cables, I worked on mainly hitting the areas directly into the motor. Should there be another place? - Never know, I could be missing something.
  10. REPLACE THE CABLES!!! If getting thrown out of your boat doing 40 - 50 MPH into cold water doesn't kill you, when the cables break the motor immediatly goes into a hard left turn, After you get thrown out, the boat will come back around and run you over. happened to a guy 3-4 years ago on griggs. His family is probably wishing he had spent the money to replace the cables.
  11. Just some information....I saw a show on the DIY channel about a month ago on lubing you motor steering system.

    There is a nut on each side of the steering arm on the motor....take them off one at a time (Never both at same time) and turn the motor to expose the most of the shaft.

    Apply grease to the exposed shaft and replace the nut......do the other side the same way.