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1982 Starcraft Islander! (Rivets)

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I have a few rivets missing the rivet head. I saw a couple articles that claim you can use aluminum closed end blind rivets to make a few repairs without removing the floor and using regular solid aluminum rivets? Anybody have any experience with this? They claim it's ok for 1 here and there ,not for a bunch in a row where it would affect structural inegrity? Thanks in advance if anyone has any knowledge on the subject!!!
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I had over a hundred in my last boat
The information you have is correct. The important thing is to size the working length (shank) of the rivet correctly to the # of layers of aluminum it's passing through. Sometimes it's necessary to install a larger diameter rivet to get a good fit. I'd use a dab of good sealant under the rivet head prior to installation as well. Not sure how old your Islander is, but some of the real early Starcrafts were prone to rib-end cracks & spray rail cracks. The factory started adding spray rail braces in the early 80's to prevent this condition. Mike
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