1979 Anchor Craft

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by KidSalty, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. First post here, seems like a great board!

    Thinking of buying my first small fishing boat. Going to look @ it tonight. Asking price is $1,000. -

    1979 Anchor Craft
    4 Cylinder Merc. 18 Ft with Trailer.

    I am taking pictures tonight, I can upload them. Anyone know if this is a reasonable price? Any thoughts/concerns I should know about?

  2. freyedknot

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    at that price you may get what you pay for. but without pics it would be hard to tell. buyer beware and good luck.it seems like a lot of boat at a low price... my first boat never saw the water, and ended up piecing it out .it was a real leaker. be careful.

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    If so, it isn't worth $10.00. Run, run far away...


    Aluminum blocks and iron heads don't mix.