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1972 Toyota Landcruiser for sale

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Leatherneck, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Leatherneck

    Leatherneck Chasin Steel

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    I have a '72 Landcruiser FJ40 for sale. The body is in very good condition, I have a hard top and soft tops for it, and an extra engine for it. The current engine is locked. I believe the solution would just be to take the head off and rebuild that part of the motor, but I haven't had time just yet, so I bought a motor taken from a '79 FJ40. It passed a compression test, I am just too busy to make the swap or rebuild the old motor. I will post pictures if anyone is interested. $7,000 OBO. This thing is a classic, easily restored with a whole extra engine and many extra parts. I will consider a trade as well.
  2. ostbucks98


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    are you asking $7000 or $700? Something just doesnt add up,lol.

  3. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

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    That price is right. these things are pretty coveted in the off roading community.
  4. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

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    Espically a 1972 model. I am still waiting on the pics to be posted.