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  1. I Have A 16 Foot Mfg With A 60 Hp Evinrude Two Eagle Fish Finders Cd Player And All The Saftey Equipment.....the Bad News I Might Have To Sell It .......just Wonder What It Could Be Worth Every Thing Works And It Runs Great Trailer Is Like New All Lights On Boat And Trailer Are New...............any Info Would Be Helpfull
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    I would say, if the boat floor is good and everything works, you could get $2 to 3$k out of it. Maybe more, maybe less. Posting pics would be a great help also.

  3. 2-3K sounds a bit optimistic for a 28 year old 16 footer.

    best thing to do is to go to www.nada.com and see what the book value of it is. You might be shocked at the actual value, but there is some wiggle room if the boat is in exceptional consition. It can also go the other way if it is a POS.
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    Right now 3 grand buys a lot more boat than you have there. I think I would be very happy to get 8 hundred to 1000.00 out of it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I could be wrong. Might be worth more parted out, and if its aluminum, it's worth some scrap money to.
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    I will go with Steve in saying if it is in exceptional condition. I was basing the fact that the motor and trailer could fetch 600 to 750 each.
  6. Thanks Guys Maybe It Will Be Posted In The Market Place Soon With Pictures .....dont Want To Sell It But I Dont Have The Time For It Anymore ......had To Take On A Second Job.......hopefully I Can Give Some One A Good Deal On It .